Happy 3rd Birthday to my baby boy,

you are incredibly cute and its been such a joy…

to watch you grow into this bumbling tot,

laughing and crying we do such a lot.

My life would be meaningless if it wasn’t for you,

you make up a 3rd of this family glue.

To all that have met you, they know what you’re like,

for you are the sweetest and sometimes a tyke!

But mainly and mostly you are clever and true,

you learn and you grow and develop on cue.

Joking and giggling makes our house feel cheery,

and when you’re not in it, its quiet and teary.

3 years and 9 months I have been getting to know,

the Noah you’re feeding and springing to grow.

Not one day that passes do I wish things could be,

anything other than Noah and me…

…Isla and Daddy and doggy’s and cat,

nothing will change us and that is just that.

We’ll love you and hug you and always display,

you are everything to us in every way.


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Last Update: Saturday, 9th November 2013