Pacapod: Changer Toy Pod for tots

Over the past few months Noah has been trying and loving his toy pod, so have Mummy & Daddy. It is a great creation by Pacapod and makes life out with a toddler much, much, easier. Secure. Light. Perfectly sized. Appealing. Cute. Practical. IMG_3572

Toddlers seek adventure at every turn, Noah and Isla are no exceptions. They love running off and “not doing as their told” along with it. Isla has no concept of road safety at the moment and Noah is really good at it now – plenty of practice over the autumn with the Pacapod is what done it. We were sent a fabulous Pacapod Changer/Toy pod in Zebra Navy style – it is great for little Noah but also now for little Isla too. DSC_3934

Noah has really enjoyed running around with his toy bag as he calls it. It was nice to be able to walk along the streets and paths with him, knowing that he cannot run off or walk too far, or walk into the road –  the detachable safety reins make it really simple and easy to use whilst out and about!


When we use the changer toy pod with Isla, I tend to fill it with all the bits I need for her at the moment, which means I do not have to take out a huge bag with me (which sometimes it isn’t necessary); Inside the PacaPod Changer-Toy pod the practical inside pockets have been designed to store all of the changing gear needed for trips out with tots making it an ideal way to lighten your load.  Just pack your wipes, nappies and cream, then pop a changing mat in the back pocket.   There’s even a spare clothes pouch ready for an emergency change!


I love the little ears on the zebra bag, it just gives it that little bit of life, which for small imaginations is just perfect for exploring. Not before long you have a zebra buddy whose helping you on special missions, safe missions at that! What a clever changer toy pod. Stylish for parents to look at and super cute for the little ones.


Wobbly shoulders aren’t a worry as there’s a secure chest strap and when little backs get tired the toy pod will quickly clip back inside any PacaPod baby changing bag forming part of the unique 3-in-1 ‘baby organisation system’, or simply attach to it any buggy. It is great and really useful, Noah gets tired  easily and wants a carry – so it is a quick changeover and hey presto the changer pod is now attached to the buggy and off we go again!


We have had some fun with our changer toy pod and it has been a real honour being able to review this with Noah and Isla. I would recommend grabbing one when your little one gets to walking age – or better still they would make a great gift for a little baby or 1 year old. Fill it with their favourite kind of toys or with a selection of nappies, wipes and a new change of clothes – perfect gift idea.


Whether you use it as a changer or toy pod, whatever the expedition, your intrepid voyagers will love carrying and ‘photo-personalising’ their bag, leaving you a little more hands free time, and making it ideal for air travel.  The Changer-Toy pod is perfect for adapting to the changing needs of a growing family and all rolled into one adorable multi-functional package.

You can see all of Pacapod’s fabulous products on their website: You can like them on the Pacapod Facebook page and follow them on Twitter: @PacaPod.

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