For many people, the goal is to have a home that oozes luxury. Usually, without the high price tag that comes with it! Indeed, in 2023, few people have the resources to have a 24-carat gold inlay placed in their kitchen, and also, there are very few people who would want to!

Irrespective of the year when you decide to start your home makeover, it’s worth noting that there are some things that simply never lose their luxury vibe, and here, you will be walked through some of the best options to add to your home to up the luxurious feel.

Stone Flooring

Start at the bottom!

The flooring that you have in your kitchen, your bathroom, or even your hallway can add an instant touch of charm to your home, and while you may think that hardwood floors are the way to go, this is not so!

Many people opt for lower maintenance flooring options, like natural stone. The most popular options are granite, Quron stone, and quartz. These have varying costs, and if you want to see what they look like (to mentally picture them in your home), head to


Chandeliers add a touch of class to any room they are in (except a kitchen, where it would be weird to have one), and they no longer have the five-figure price tag.

They also come in a range of materials and molds to suit your home. If you are going for traditional luxury, a gold-plated chandelier will do. For boho, a wooden one, and for a gothic theme, why not opt for a black one? Just make sure you call a professional in to oversee the chandelier’s wiring. The last thing you want is a chandelier that is visually stunning but won’t turn on!

Upgraded Kitchen Appliances

Onto the heart of any home, it is worth looking at the appliances that you have in your kitchen.

In 2023, kitchen tech has taken a smart turn (literally), and you can now get smart fridges, smart under-counter lights, and even smart coffee makers. Of course, it doesn’t have to be smart to be upgraded. Even opting for a more modern take on the bits that you currently have will work!

Spa-Based Bathroom

Even if you have a small bathroom, you can kit it out to feel like a spa. 

The first thing you will need is some scented candles and a reed diffuser to make the space smell like a spa. Then, add some greenery, some fluffy white towels (rolled is preferable), and some color co-ordinated soap dishes and liquid soap dispensers. 


A fireplace in your living room or even your bedroom that has a striking surround will certainly up the luxury vibe and the value of your home. 

Even if it is an electric fire, the size of the fireplace surround, what it is made of, and the color scheme will help to make it a focal point of the room. Make sure, of course, that your home has passed all of the safety checks, and that the fireplace is fitted by a professional.

Check out my other home posts for more inspiration. I would love to know which tip is your favourite in the comments below.

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