Being a parent, you are always worried if your child is getting proper sleep. A child needs to have proper sleep as their physical and mental growth depends on it. On the other hand, uncomfortable sleep leads to different health issues and disorders in kids, such as irritability and hyper behavior, lack of concentration and attention during learning, and weight gain. Making bedtime easier is every one’s goal!

However, you can change make your child’s bedtime more comfortable following some practical tips.

Bedding Is One of the Major Reasons behind Uneasy Bedtimes

To make your kid’s bedtime easier and relaxed, you need to find out the reason behind your child’s disturbed sleep. It could be because of the bumpy mattress or odd pillow shape or size. You may not know, but an inappropriate head resting position on the pillow ranks among the leading causes of restless sleep.

To free your child’s sleep from this discomfort and make bedtime a pleasurable experience, you should invest in an adjustable bed pillow for kids that ensures ease and coziness during bedtime.

5 Tips To Make Your Kid’s Bedtime Relaxing with a Pillow

If you are looking for waysto make your kid’s bedtime easier, here are few tips to achieve that goal.

1.   Invest In Pillows Made Of Memory Foam

If you select a kid’s pillow based on its softness or color and do not give serious thought to the material it is made of, you will surely regret your decision after your kid suffers sleepless nights.

To save your kid from such suffering, you should invest in a Memory Foam Kids Pillow such as MLILY’s adjustable kids memory foam pillow, which will make your child’s bedtime easier and comfortable. Memory foam pillows adjust to the head and neck providing supportive sleep. They make your child’s sleep more comfortable and do not cause back or neck pain. Also, most memory foam pillows would fulfill the safety standard for kid’s products. To be sure of the highest quality, you can always check if the pillow is CertiPUR-US certified.

2.   Adjustable Pillow Meeting the Needs of Your Kid’s Head Size

Another significant thing to keep in mind when buying a pillow for your kid is adjustability. The adjustable layered shape of a pillow ensures comfort to your kid’s neck and supports their shoulders. With such a comforting headrest, a child can get and enjoy deeper sleep. For this, you must buy an age-appropriate product.

3.   Made With Soft And Breathable Fabric

A significant tip to make your kid’s bedtime easier is to buy a kid’s pillow made with soft and breathable fabric. Children have sensitive skin, and any interaction with hard and rough materials may cause damage in the form of different allergies.

Such mishaps can easily be avoided by purchasing high-quality cotton or durable exterior modal fabric derived from beech-tree pulp, a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton. Additionally, make sure that the fabric of the pillow cover fights odors and helps wick away moisture.

4.   Easily Wash With a Removable Pillow Cover

Kids tend to make things dirty easily, and the same goes with pillows. A dirty pillow cover can affect your child’s health, and subsequently, they may get sick. Therefore, it is highly advisable to buy children’s pillows that come with removable covers. Such a pillow can easily be washed either with hands in cold water or the machine and can be used again and again without any worry.

5.   To Support Your Kid’s Spine

The best children’s pillow is the one that provides proper support to your kid’s spine as the most critical element of sleep is related to the relaxed position of the spine. Thus, a pillow that puts less pressure on the spine and allows it to rest with comfort is the ideal one.

Not to forget, you must always bring in a pillow that ensures a uniform level of pressure on the related areas of the spine as well, such as the head and neck. As discussed above, buying pillows for kids with CertiPUR-US certification is an excellent approach to ensure a comfortable bedtime for your children.

Buy The Best Quality Pillow To Ensure Your Kid’s Pleasant Bedtime

It would be pertinent to say that no compromise is acceptable when it comes to your kid’s physical, mental well-being and growth.  So, to get the best pillow for your kid, buy a memory foam kid pillow from a reputable brand such as MLILY, which is known to manufacture high-quality adjustable memory foam pillows for kids with cooling gel particles.  A cooling pillow for kids helps regulate the body temperature during sleep, making bedtime even more pleasurable.

Do you have a good bedtime routine? We used to have one when the kids didnt do as many clubs after school, this seems to have gone out of the window now. We need to get back on top of it – as sleep is so important.

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Last Update: Monday, 27th September 2021