I have had many friends over the years find out that they’re pregnant, but they hadn’t planned that. Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy during an uncertain time in your life will bring a lot of shock and confusion. There will be instances when you won’t know how you should handle the news and may not make the right decisions for you and your unborn child.  This post isn’t to assume that unexpected pregnancies means unwanted babies, albeit sometimes this does happen.

Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility that not all expecting mothers are ready to face. However, making decisions that involve you and your baby can be difficult if you don’t know all the options you have. You should know that keeping a baby isn’t your only choice when facing an unexpected conception.  

  1. Adoption 

An unexpected pregnancy can either bring happiness or worry to a woman’s life. Some women who have no plans of taking care of a child often find it difficult to make decisions regarding their situation. In cases of unforeseen conception, the expecting mother must know all her options before moving forward with her pregnancy.  

One option for women who aren’t planning on raising their child is adoption. You may not be prepared to take care of a baby or simply don’t have enough financial means to do so. In this case, it’s best to find a foster family that can fully support the child. Raising a baby is a life-long commitment that you shouldn’t shoulder if you know that you can’t provide the best environment for an unborn child. 

An adoption is a good option you should consider if you want to keep the unborn baby but don’t want to raise them yourself. There are places that can assist you in finding a family that will foster your child. This way, you know that they’ll be raised in a loving home and receive all their needs. Checking out websites like afth.org will allow you to decide if adoption is a good fit for your situation. Most families who are willing to adopt usually need to pass specific qualifications to guarantee their adoptee’s welfare. This way, you know that the people who’ll parent your child are capable enough to financially and emotionally support him.  

  1. Abortion 

Not all women who get pregnant unexpectedly wish to keep their unborn babies. Many factors can affect a woman’s decision to keep or terminate a pregnancy. The mother’s physical and mental health, the baby’s condition and survival rate, and the health risks that can arise by keeping the baby may affect how a woman would proceed with the pregnancy.  I must admit, I think I would struggle to make this decision!

Abortion is not an uncommon choice for women who don’t want to keep their pregnancy. Many women face unplanned conception and, in many cases, keeping the baby will post more difficulties than terminating the pregnancy. No matter your situation, you need to remember that abortion is a personal decision that only you can make. 

If your life is at risk by keeping the baby, you may need to consider giving up the pregnancy to preserve your life. In some cases, expecting mothers may also choose to terminate their conception due to their fetus’s health issues. Other reasons such as the incapability to provide all the necessary care for a baby or simply not being prepared to be a parent can also influence a mother’s decision to terminate a pregnancy.  

The choice to abort a fetus should be in your hands, and if you think that the best decision is not to proceed with the pregnancy, you should have the option to do so.  

  1. Parenting The Baby 

Becoming a parent is a lifelong responsibility. If you have an unexpected pregnancy, your life may suddenly take a huge turn that you’re not ready for. Most first-time parents are often clueless about how to parent their babies, so it’s best to learn everything about raising a child before you give birth. This way, you can be prepared for all the challenges of parenting.  

A mother starts nurturing her child during pregnancy, and maintaining a healthy and safe pregnancy should be your priority if you’re keeping your baby. You need to make many changes in your lifestyle to ensure that you’ll deliver a healthy child.  

You can attend parenting classes to know how you should take care of your baby once they’re born. It’s also helpful if you have the support of your partner throughout the pregnancy so that it’ll be easier for you to handle the changes in your life.  

  1. Parenting Support  

Women who face unexpected pregnancies are often unprepared for parenting. In some cases, expecting mothers are young and have little to no means to provide for their children. When this happens, the young mother’s parents often step up and support their child during the early stages of parenting.  

If you’re not yet confident about raising the child on your own, you should find a support system that’ll guide you through your parenthood. This way, you’ll be able to raise your child in a healthy and loving environment while you also work on yourself. It’s your responsibility as a parent to financially and emotionally prepare to become a full-time parent to your child.   

There’s no shame in asking for assistance, especially when you know that you’re not yet fully capable of providing for your baby. Besides your immediate family and partner, you can also seek professional help to guide you through your motherhood. By seeking guidance, you can ensure that your child will grow up healthy and receive all his needs.  

Pregnancy news can change a woman’s life forever. When you face an unexpected conception, it’s essential that you weigh all your options before you make any decision that’ll affect you and your unborn child. Remember that you should prioritize what’s best for both you and your baby. Whatever choice you make, you shouldn’t feel guilty, especially when you’re only doing what you think is the best choice for your situation.