26 week Midwife Checkup

Midwife appointment went really well, baby’s heartbeat is 140-150bpm and mine is 72bpm… a lot faster than mummy. Baby kicked midwife, which was funny. She said the movement of baby is the “most” important tell tell sign for problems from now on. So we will be making sure Baby Constant keeps on grooving around in my iccle bump, made especially for the littlen.

We measure 26cms, down my belly now. Midwife said this is completely normal, at 26 weeks you should measure 26cms. Which is great, the iccle bean has cooked very well indeedie so far.

We have to book antenatal classes and our midwife unit tour now, thats going to be scary, learning about how it all works.

Daddy looked a little shocked when he was asking what happens in the birthing pool this morning, I do hope he will be ok in the antenatal classes 🙂

Next appointment in 3 weeks time… eepers!

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