Tips for using a changing bag when the kids are older

Pink Lining changing bag

I have always been a huge fan of Pink Lining, right from when I first became pregnant. I always had a beautiful Pink Lining baby changing bag, they are just so pretty. They have some amazing products now too, the lunchboxes and kiddies range of rucksacks are adorable. I recently received the Pink Lining Wonder Bag Backpack, as why shouldn’t I still have the bag I love now the kiddies are older?

The Pink Lining Backpack

I love the Pink Lining backpack, the beautiful Parrot Cream design is great. It goes with all of my coats as it contains an array of colours. The thing I love about the backpack is that as the kiddies are older, we do a lot of walking and having outdoor adventures – so with the straps on my shoulders I have both hands free. One each for the children.


There are so many compartments in the changing bag, from bottle warmer to areas for a changing mat. I use the bottle warmer holder to simply hold my bottle of water, or the kiddies drinks. I take out the changing mat as we do not use that anymore. I also use the pockets for wipes, snacks and my camera. I have my camera everywhere with me and it is safe in the backpack due to the thick lining.

Ice skating

The backpack comes everywhere we go. It is very handy, the perfect family bag. The outside is wipe clean and it is water resistant so perfect for our English, unpredictable, weather. It is a great price at £64.99.

Hello Baby

I found this backpack on the Hello Baby website, they sell lots of amazing products from different brands. Well known brands that we all know, love and trust too. You get free shipping on all orders in the UK and they do everything from pushchairs to baby bottles.

back pack

What is your favourite changing bag and do you still use one now the kiddies are older? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media.

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