Techie gadgets for the whole family Christmas 2019

There is no getting away from it, at least one person in your family will be asking for a tech-related gift (if not all of them). Of course, knowing what the latest trends are, and where to find the best deal can be a seriously confusing task. Happily, below you will find a quick rundown of some of the best tech gifts you can give for Christmas this year. Read on to find out more. 

Dab radio

Dab radios make some of the very best Christmas gifts, in my opinion. In fact, they will usually be gratefully received from just about any type of person at any age. After all, who doesn’t love to listen to their favourite station? All while being able to see exactly what song is playing. Then there is the fact that they can be paused, and the reception is clear and constant no matter what. 

You can even check out things like this DAB radio buying guide to get the lowdown on the best ones. Something that will help you choose the perfect model for whomever you are buying for. 

Twerking llama 

Yes, that’s right, the toy everyone has to have this year is none other than Boppi the Booty Shaking Llama. This white and pink llama toy is a plush with a difference because when you squeeze the patch with musical notes, it shows off its pretty fantastic dance skills. Obviously, one for the kids. Although after a few sherries on Xmas day it’s likely to have the adults laughing along too. 

Coding bots

Coding bots are a tremendous tech-focused gift for older and young kids alike. In fact, they look impressive and high tech enough for the kids to covet them, but they are actually education as well. Teaching the children the basics of coding as they play. Good fun, but could also help reveal a love of STEM in your child that could really take them places in later life.  

Amazon Echo

How are there still people left that haven’t got these? I mean they are brilliant, and can seriously make anyone life easy too. What with their ability to order things online, look up info hand frees and play all sorts of music and media. 

The great thing about the Amazon Echo is that they make the perfect gift for everyone. From the kids for their rooms, to busy new parents, to elderly relatives and everyone in between! 

FOREO UFO Mini Smart Mask

For the ladies on your gift life, what about a device that combines tech and beauty? In fact that FOREO UFO Mini Smart Mask for precisely that. The reason being that it is a light machine that allows you to do heat therapy on your face in your very own home. Something that is not only hugely relaxing but can cost the appearance of the skin after all the Xmas partying as well. 

Ipad Pro 

Lastly, man, woman, or child the gift of an Ipad pro (with pencil, of course) is sure to be gratefully received. However, be warned, these magical Apple tablets are not cheap. Although spreading the cost over a year may help to ease the blow of this the ultimate techie gift! 


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  • Lynn Heath
    December 17, 2019

    The twerking Llama is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages!!!!

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Techie gadgets for the whole family Christmas 2019

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