Another week, another chance to honour my Grandad’s intelligent and wonderful life! Thursday Thoughts. Grandma said Grandad’s favourite day was a Thursday, the significant things always happened on a Thursday: births, celebrations and he even left us on a Thursday. Please feel free to share your Thursday Thoughts too…


Today we bury Grandad’s ashes, it is going to be a day of thoughts and closure, the thing that is getting me through today is the knowledge that the children will be with me and my family, which will help cushion the fall. It is amazing that the little people, so small and innocent can make things have a completely new meaning, completely change a day and how it might of been. It will be an immensely sad day for the family, but at the same time I know the children will be there to make everyone see that there is a future and it will be happy.

Children make our hearts full, our lives rich and our minds occupied – everyone is lucky to have the little people in their lives.


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Last Update: Thursday, 5th September 2013