Things to do in the Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays are a fantastic time of the year. There are plenty of bank holidays for time off work, school holidays for the kids and (hopefully) warmer weather and lighter evenings. So with longer days and a break from work what should we do with this gift of time. Eat lots and lots of chocolate? Probably, but in between precious time with our chocolate eggs we should perhaps make more productive use of the time. Such as:


Spring Cleaning

Let’s get this one out of the way. As unbearable as the thought may be, you will love the feeling of a home that has been cleared of clutter and deep cleaned. There’s no place that is more relaxing.

Visit your local National Park

Use the longer warmer days to get back in touch with nature. The UK has 15 National Parks which offer great walks, fantastic scenery and a variety of activities.

Organise an Easter Egg Hunt

This is a classic Easter activity for a reason. Kids absolutely love Easter egg hunts and they are also great fun to organise. Simply pick a location with plenty of interesting places, is safe and where you can keep track of all the contestants and find some ingenius places to hide the chocolatey treats.

Politicise Your Family

Easter comes shortly before the UK’s general election. This may not be the highlight of your year but it is very important to appreciate our democratic privileges. Use the extra spare time over Easter to find out about the policies of each political party so you can make the right decision for your family at the polling station.

Get Crafty

Easter provide lots of opportunities for the family to enjoy themselves around the craft table. Get loaded up with materials from a site such as Artifolk and make some Easter-inspired creations.

Do your Christmas Shopping

This might sound a little bit premature but stay with me. Remember how stressful Christmas shopping can be when done at the last minute? Imagine the smug feeling of knowing you’ve got the bulk of it sorted. An advantage of doing it at this time of year is the end of the season sales on winter clothing.

Book your Summer Holiday

On the same organisational tip, spend some time with the family over the Easter holiday to discuss where you want to spend a week or two away during the summer and get it booked while it may still be relatively inexpensive.


Sort out the Garden

Easter is the start of spring and therefore the perfect time to teach the kids about gardening. Plant a crop for you all to enjoy during the summer harvest!

Spend Time with the Family

If you have family that live at a distance, make the effort to journey to go and see them.

Start a New Hobby

If your New Year’s resolutions didn’t really work out, have a second bite of the cherry at Easter by taking up a brand new hobby.


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Things to do in the Easter Holidays

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