The difference in potty training your second

I was thinking about how different it has been going through the potty training process with Isla (my second) compared to Noah (my first) and it made me laugh. So I thought I’d write it up in the hope that other people have a giggle and relate or realise how stress free the second time round is. 

  1. With Noah I took a weeks annual leave to focus on potty training. With Isla I took no holiday! 
  2. With Noah I had toddler wipes, baby wipes, loo roll, training pads, pull ups and lots of talc to hand. With Isla she had knickers and loo roll. 
  3. With Noah I had Potty’s all over the house in case he needed a wee. With Isla we had one, in one place which she made it to every time (so what was I worrying about with Noah?) 
  4. With Noah I made sure our journeys were short and we went for a wee before we left for any trip, even if short. With Isla we jump in the car and go, if she needs a wee we just pull over and she pee’s en route. We don’t care do we girls? 
  5. With Noah I had a wall chart with stickers for rewards when doing his thing on the potty and sweets for a poop. With Isla she got a well done. Sorry Isla. 
  6. Noah had pull ups on in bed until his pull ups were dry in the mornings. Isla had nappies and then one night knickers. My hope that her wet bed will put her off doing it. 
  7. Isla went through wetting the bed for a couple of weeks until we cracked through the night. Noah didn’t get that opportunity.
  8. I took Noah and a potty everywhere when he was learning. Isla just had to use whatever was available: toilet, potty or bush!
  9. With Noah I was focused on getting him through this stage quickly and with as much help from me as possible. Isla just did it when she wanted with no real schedule or pattern. It was just one day, no nappies! 
  10. Isla had a swanky ducky 3in1 potty that sings and plays music! I learnt from Noah that a little helpful push to pee can never be a bad thing. However, Noah did have about 3 Pottys and toddler toilet seats. 

It’s amazing the things you think you need to do when you’re going through it with your first. Then the second time around you know you just don’t need to. The fun of potty training! 

Do you have any funny experiences? I’d love to hear your comments… 


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  • Penny
    October 13, 2015

    Oh my goodness, I would tackle it so differently if I had a third, which I won’t! This took me back., We needed that potty, that was all.

Sunday 11 October 2015
The difference in potty training your second

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