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How to curate your own style rather than rely on trends

We live in a world where fashion trends are thrown in our faces constantly. Glossy magazines dictate what you should and shouldn’t wear with each coming season, and the ease of celebrities’ interaction with the public through social media sees followers attempting to imitate the look of their favorite models, musicians, actors, and socialites. It’s not all too surprising that sometimes we find it difficult to keep up. As soon as we purchase one fashion staple, the fad seems to have passed, and the item is cast aside as we chase the latest trend. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Why follow the crowd when you could have your own distinct, standout style? Perhaps Ralph Lauren put it best when he once said: “fashion is transient, trends come and go. I believe in style, not fashion”. Here’s everything you need to know about curating your own, individual style rather than relying on trends that come and go in what often feels like minutes.

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