We love getting our Baker Ross craft boxes, especially this time of year as you get the pretty flowers and the Mothers Day goodies. The Spring craft box is always a good one to get stuck into on the rainy days, or the days where it’s just a little too cloudy for going outside. We had so much fun making, I love seeing that concentration on her face.

We were sent a collection of sticker activities and pom pom making animals. There was so much to do in the box it was incredible, the Mothers set was great as you had layers of foam that you made up to represent your super Mum. Isla decided that she wanted to make the cape into a dress and put a M on my face! An obvious choice… Moving swiftly on. She enjoyed making a buzzy bee and a ladybird pom pom, the bug pom pom kit came with a little pom pom maker which was great and made it really easy for Isla to understand too.

The box had some great colouring in packs which are always good for making and handing out to friends and family over the Mothers Day period – my children love making things for other people. I tend to find that they concentrate a lot more on the item that they are making if it is for someone else too. It’s almost like it means more. They list them all out too… “this one is for Nanna, this one is for Nanny…” it is really cute watching and listening to them.

It’s amazing what can happen when you are given a box of crafting goodies and some time to use your imagination. It is one of my favourite times of the week… crafting time!

We used the Spring themed stickers and the Easter themed stickers to make our fun Easter egg hunt quiz papers. The children had a lot of fun decorating their papers ready to go and hunt for their letters and eggs. It was a great use of the stickers and gave the kiddies something nice to do whilst we went out and hid the chocolate!

You can buy your very own Spring time craft products on the Baker Ross website: www.bakerross.co.uk/arts-and-crafts/spring.

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Last Update: Friday, 5th May 2017