You may have seen on social media recently that a heartbroken Mum took to a live video where she was deeply distressed and had one message: do not let your children out on scooters, skateboards or bikes without a helmet. Her daughter is a lot older than my children but the message came across loud and clear. I will never let them go on their scooters without their helmets, no matter how short the distance.

It is so easy to just leave them off, if you are doing a short journey up the road or like in Noah’s case he finds it really uncomfortable on occasion – it’s all a small price to pay considering the worst case scenario could be unthinkable. Georgia on my mind is a page set up on Facebook by the heartbroken Mum to reinforce the message to promote safety on skateboards / scooters and bikes. Her daughter, who is in her teens, did not wear a helmet whilst out on her skateboard. She slipped on a stone I believe. She was in intensive care, unresponsive for days and has brain surgery. Today it seems that Georgia has been very lucky and woken up after surgery. It is an amazing rollercoaster of emotions watching her Mum’s video updates. You can feel everything she is feeling, I just get completely absorbed. I truly hope that Georgia makes a full recovery and that this is a lesson to us all…


I just cannot imagine what life would be like. So I am going to try my very best to make sure that the children are always safe and the message is enforced in them too. I want them to be safe too. Not just doing it because Mum says so.

Just remember: when out buying your new Micro Scooter, grab a scooter helmet too, they even match the scooters and other accessories. Don’t be vein and protect your brain as the hashtag quite rightly states!

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Last Update: Monday, 15th August 2016