Perfect family activities for the Easter weekend with John Lewis

We were asked to set up the best Easter Sunday fun for our family using the products on the John Lewis website. There is so much choice, my imagination ran wild. I had so many ideas and I wanted to share them. 

Choosing the right chocolate 

Having the best Easter egg hunt means you have to have the right chocolates. I have a set of plastic eggs that I fill with foiled chocolates, I hide this around the garden for the children to find. Knowing the chocolates are foil wrapped and in a plastic egg container, I know they will be safe from germs and bugs. So very safe for an Easter egg hunt. I have got some larger foiled eggs too, these ones will be hidden around the house. You can also make your own Easter egg shaped chocolates by melting down chocolate and setting it again in egg shaped moulds. Or you can use the chocolates to decorate Easter themed cakes for the whole family to enjoy. 

Setting up the perfect egg hunt

Getting the right decorations helps to make the egg hunt truly magical for the little ones. This Easter egg hunt kit has all the right components to help with the egg hunt. It has signs, bunny paw prints, egg shaped clues, bags for collecting up the treasures. It’s such a great idea and a brilliant price at £7. I am going to make little Easter nests out of the Easter egg and Bon Bon jar assortment. I think they will look really life like scattered around the house and garden. It will make the egg hunt a little more exciting when they realise they are edible. 

Egg hunt snack time

All that running around the garden, locating those precious eggs, is hard work. I loved these carrot crackers, it makes the picnic lunch even more fun for the little ones. Yes, the grown ups too! We got themed napkins and rabbit paper plates for our picnic lunch too. We are going away with another family for Easter, so this will be a perfect setting for lunchtime. This hot cross bun loaf is delicious! 

Decorating our own Easter tree

We are going to collect some twigs from around the garden and decorate them with these egg hanging decorations. The kiddies will paint their twigs and decorate them with glitter and themed stickers. This will be extremely fun, especially as they can get a little messy.  I think these Hotel Chocolat City Bunnies will be a good addition to this activity too. Keeping the kiddies entertained and help stimulate their imagination too, the bunnies are searching for carrots in the woods of course! 

Easter dress up 

Dressing up for Easter Sunday is also a fun activity. Bunny ears and chick costumes being some of my favourite outfits at this time of year. You can make your own costumes up with fabrics around the house, a little face paint and hey presto. Great fun for all of the family! Here’s a favourite photo of mine, little Isla in her chick costume: 

Easter prizes for family competitions 

The winner of the egg hunt wins a prize, of course, but there are runners up prizes too so no one feels left out. These Jellycat chicks are brilliant runners up gifts. There are some beautiful Jellycat soft toys on the John Lewis website, you can pick the best one for your child. Don’t forget the grown ups too, this L’Occitane egg is a beautiful gift or prize for the grown ups. Make a quiz, or word search for the kiddies to win prizes. It’s lots of fun and a great idea if the weather is not great outside. 

Get the right products for your Easter activities by visiting the John Lewis Easter Shop. Everything from decorations, Eggs, Gift food, Children’s toys, gifts & games, Egg hunt items, Cards & wrap and some fun Easter crafting items. 

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