Outdoor exploring and a little make believe magic

For those of you who have read this blog for some of the 9 years of its life, you will know that when the children were younger we used to link up to Country Kids almost every week. As they have got older and we have done different things, or just been rather busy, it slowed down. With my new screen time trick though it’s proving that we are getting out and having fun outdoor exploring, which I love.

We walked around one of the lakes at Paxton Pits this week, it was such a lovely Spring time walk. The rain held off which was fabulous and the sunshine was breaking through the clouds. We walked and walked, but whilst I walked with the dog (and my camera) the children started to explore and pretend play.

That morning the children had watched transformers. Noah with his bright yellow anchor jacket then took on the form of Bumblebee and Isla, with her blueish seashell jacket, became Optimus Prime. It was hilarious listening to their make believe world. These jackets are perfect for the Spring weather, both from Lighthouse Clothing.

Have you ever walked beside your children whilst they are in their own little world? It is amazing. Listening to their interactions and the ideas they come out with, it really makes me happy. I noticed that it was only when we got to the safe walking path that they started to play. I wonder if that is because they relaxed, because I relaxed!

As we walked deeper into the woodland areas, they picked up sticks. They pretended the sticks were the transformers weapons. Noah had a gun and Isla had a hot sword. I then became the baddie. So I had to pretend to keep dying, but I was allowed to respawn!

I love the photo of the children at the lakeside. Rambo was very excited to get in the lake, his favourite game is to catch stones (we try not to do it too often as we don’t want to break his teeth). Isla had fun splashing in the water with her hot sword, it made a rather large splash too!

We love getting out and about, outdoor exploring, when you have little doggies it is hard not too. We definitely make the most of the countryside around us, we have little Country Kids!

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  • That sounds like the perfect outdoor adventure. We had similar with my son yesterday, listening to his stories as we walked through our local NT grounds #countrykids

  • Lovely to have you back at #CountryKids again! I love watching children enjoy imaginative play. It’s interesting that they only started to relax once they reached the safe walking path. Love that photo by the lake too. It sounds like you had a lovely walk. Thank you for linking up.

  • Kids of the Wild
    April 18, 2019

    Great that you’ve found your way back to #CountryKids, it’s so good for us bloggers to have this community. Your day out sounds wonderful. Dogs, children, sticks, water and woods. What more could you ask for! Thanks for sharing with us and welcome back!

  • I too love the lakeside picture. What a wonderful little adventure! My kids are the same – as soon as we get outside, they absorb themselves in their own stories and worlds, and it is so lovely to watch. Funny how it never seems to happen in our (very small) garden.

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Outdoor exploring and a little make believe magic

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