The Green People award winning Dry Skin Baby Lotion from Organic Babies was shipped out to the Constant household this week, for little Isla to review on her dry newborn skin. It was recently awarded the Bizzie Baby Award 2012 and I can see why! It has done a fabulous job of keeping her skin moisturised and hasn’t reacted with her skin or irritated it in any way – it is also scent free so it will not effect her (like some strong scents could).

Isla had quite bad dry skin on her scalp, craddle cap I think it is called, I use Dry Skin Baby Lotion on her scalp daily and the dry skin has now come off and her hair has started to grow through it, I am extremely happy to see her little hair coming through – the top of her head almost looked bald with flaky dry skin, it wasn’t very pretty! I would recommend these products to anybody that has a young baby and would like to try an organic, scentless lotion – it really is good. Her skin is totally perfect and so is her scalp now…

It has 94.4% certified organic ingredients, it is concentrated and packed full of organic goodness. It is free from Parabens, Perfume, SLS and other chemical nasties this ultra gentle lotion is perfect for little ones that are prone to eczema or skin allergies.

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