To celebrate the launch of the Sky Kids app, Sky recently released a really funny video which takes you on a tour of The Museum of Children’s Modern Art. The video is really funny and focuses on the naughty little things that children get up to and I couldn’t resist using the photo of the little girl in the armchair. Isla would do this if given half the chance.

The video really got me thinking about what the children do that is mischievous, sometimes to get my attention or sometimes because they are bored and want to explore. The phone in the cup of water on display made me giggle, I am sure the children would do this to mine sometimes if they could. I have had many occasions where Isla has been caught in the act of doing something outrageous, but funny at the same time.

One time comes to mind, I walked up the stairs into the bathroom and there was Isla smiling and the bathroom floor was covered in talc. It her in her hair and you could not see the tiles at all. It was just one of those moments where you wanted to tell her off but you couldn’t help but giggle.

The Sky Kids App helps take some of the boredom away from the children, so instead of getting up to mischief they are focussed on something productive. It’s designed for 3 to 9 year olds and it is full of the children’s favourite shows, they can watch them on demand whenever they like. The children have android devices so they both have the android version and I have the iOS version on my iPad for those moments when you really want them to calm down but their device has run out of batteries! The children love Paw Patrol and all of the Disney Junior programs so this app is great – it has all of the best channels included.

I also love the fact the children get to choose a Sky buddy:


You can download the Sky Kids app for android from the Google Play store, or for iOS in the App Store.

Sky has also teamed up with Masterchef winner and mum, Lisa Faulkner to create the Sky Kids Café to celebrate the new app. The TV themed play & cafe experience will open during May half term (30th May – 1st June) and will give kids the one-off chance to step into the worlds of Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob and Ben & Holly. Lisa Faulkner has curated a fun themed menu for the café of which is inspired by the playful storylines and characters from each show. Each session will include access to discover all three worlds, arts and crafts activities, and refreshments. Families will also have the opportunity to try out the new Sky Kids app on tablets. To book your free tickets visit

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018