Make believe play: opening our tea rooms

As you all know we are a huge fan of imaginative play in the Constant household. We received two gorgeous sets from Hape to aid our imaginative play. We love them as we love to pretend we own tea rooms that sell tea and cake. So this is perfect!

We were asked the other week: “What would you do if you could open any business you wanted for your retirement?” I said a farm and Daddy said a tea room. I would love to wake up and look after our animals all day – not to kill them of course. To love and care for them. Give them a good life and potentially have other children come and see our farm animals. We could use the eggs to make the cakes with for the tea room too. I have it all planned out!

Back to the tea room dream: Daddy is so good at cooking and baking. He makes the most delicious bouncy cakes that people would definitely return for a slice of cake and coffee. We wouldn’t charge the earth either as we are firm believers in doing what is appropriate – we would be doing it for love, not for greed.

I think Isla loves this dream. I can see her owning her own tea room too – decorating the cakes so they are wildly creative and making friends with everyone that visits. She can literally talk the hind legs off a donkey (I think that’s the saying). She invited her dolls along to the tea room.

She plays tea rooms for hours, making her cakes in the Mix N Bake Blender and then enjoying her creations with a cup of tea from the Tea for two set. The Tea set is currently £21.24 and comes with a tea tray, sugar pot, tea pot, milk jug and 2 cups with spoons. The blender set is £17.03 and comes with a bag of flour, sugar and the blender. The whisks really turn around too!

We love Hape toys, they are durable and great quality. We love the marble run set – that has lasted for years. The kids have so much fun with it.

I am so glad she hasn’t grown out of these sets yet and that she is happy to sit and play with them. Out of the two she is the one that is on devices the least. With Noah, we are getting to the stage where he is one extreme to the other: Sports, sports, sports or device, device ,device. He wants to do one or the other. But he does break out of this every now and again and join Isla in a game of make believe.

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.
Walt Disney.

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