Today’s keyword for the #mummyphotoaday photo challenge, August day 15, is “beach”. We spent this morning at the #beach making the most of the sunshine. It was super hot when the wind wasn’t up. I love this photo. The kids had such a nice time playing together, it was nice to see.

I love the fact Noah didn’t care about what he was wearing too. He’s really changed over the past few months, super self conscious. He likes his privacy (understandably) and gets embarrassed if he accidentally sees me getting undressed. I’ve been wondering when this day will come, no one tells you. There’s no guide. I just do what feels right, when it feels right.

We had an afternoon of jam packed activities: wall climbing where Isla mastered the hardest climb. The instructors said some grown adults cannot do it! Very proud moment. They swam, played football, completed the assault course and won sweets at the kids disco. Ultimate holiday goals!

Cannot believe it’s check out time tomorrow…it’s gone so quick and there’s so much to share with you!


August day 15 photo challenge

Here are the July prompts as a reminder, I would love for you to join in. Take a look at the photos that have been uploaded so far #mummyphotoaday.

I love seeing all of the variety of photographs each month. There’s nothing better than a photo challenge. I love the subjective element to the photo challenge too. Everyone’s perspective of the theme is different. It has made me smile seeing all of the images so far. Thank you so much for the support in my latest adventure. We have been doing this photo challenge for over a year now and I have kept persevering even when we have had quiet months! Thank you to everyone that’s joined in and I am looking forward to seeing all of the new images this month…

Get the right tags

In order to join in with the August photo challenge, you will need to use the hashtag #mummyphotoaday. . Other people that are joining in will be able to find your photos too by using the hashtag, which makes the community a nicer place to be. You could also link to @mummyconstant if you want to. That way I can comment and like the photos quicker!

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