Luckily for us, radiator designs and innovations have come a long way in the past couple of decades and so I wanted to briefly take you through some of the standouts and their uses, just so you can see how your home could look with one of these, plus your radiator could probably do with replacing as it won’t be working as well as it did 20 years ago.

Cast Iron

For a traditional approach to your home, then cast iron radiators are for you. I know I said this was going to be modern takes on the radiator, but seeing as these are having a resurgence in popularity, I thought I could include them. They are small and heavy and make your home look Victorian. There’s nothing worse than an antique styled home with a great big modern radiator ruining the effect. These fit with many aesthetics and although take a while to heat up; they also take a while to cool down, so just plan when you turn it on.


You might be thinking why on Earth you would need a mirror that is also a radiator. Well, isn’t it annoying when you’ve had a shower and then you need to use the mirror to brush your teeth, sort your hair, or have a shave? Well a heated mirror means it won’t steam up, which is pretty ingenious if you ask me. They also look pretty cool and so work in any room of the house.


Essentially, it’s a radiator that’s on the floor, but built in to it so that it saves space. This means you can hand more pictures on the wall and don’t have to worry about blocking of the heat with a big sofa. They nestle neatly into the floor and provide an excellent heat output.


The perfect wall space savers. These are thin and tall radiators, kind of like Tom Hiddleston. They fit onto your wall and take up little space, plus because they are still quite rare, they look more elegant as they haven’t become as common yet. You can get them in a variety of shapes, as well, including curved and oval shape.

Designer Towel Rails

This is for the inner celebrity in you. If you’re fed up of more traditional radiator designs, than you need a designer heated towel rail. They come in so many shapes and configurations and they’re all so interesting and unique. Some are them are quite bold and so you’d have to make sure your bathroom décor could accommodate what could be considered abstract. They are quirky and interesting and would make a great addition to any bathroom.

Not only will these radiators make your house look better, but if you find the ones made from aluminium, then you will be helping to save the planet. Aluminium radiators get hotter quicker and use a lot less water, meaning they are the perfect blend of classy design and environmentally friendly.




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Last Update: Monday, 4th July 2016