As soon as the temperature drops, the wind becomes bitterly cold and a layer of ice covers the ground, there is nothing better than getting into a nice warm, cosy house. This is why you also want to ensure your little one’s room is a cosy snug space, so they find comfort in there on dark, dreary days. 

You don’t need to completely redecorate to create a cosy snug for your little one through winter but with our tips in place be warned – you might find that you struggle to get them out of it in the mornings. Here’s what to add to your child’s bedroom this winter to create that special, cosy space: 


Add a few soft furnishings and it will be snuggly and warm in no time – and there is nothing cosier than pillows. They may already have a pillow or two that they rest their head on but pick up a selection of smaller pillows in various colours and designs and fill the end of their bed or any chairs to make it as comfortable as possible. 

Bed canopy 

Whether your little one is curling up on their bed to read a book or drifting off to sleep, a bed canopy will make this already cosy space even cosier. It’ll make them feel wrapped up, safe and protected from the cold weather outside the window. 

Winter bedding 

Swap their current bedding for one with a more winter feel. This might be a Christmas design during the festive period, Disney’s Frozen is a great choice for lovers of this film or simply winter colours such as navy blue and burgundy.  

Blankets and bed throws  

While your little one might be pushing the duvet off in the heat of summer, in the winter it may not be enough. A blanket or bed throw will give them extra warmth and comfort when they are in bed and can also be taken off to wrap themselves up in a chair as they read or watch TV. Make sure the colour you choose complements their bedding and pillows.  

Fairy lights 

Twinkling fairy lights instantly make the space feel cosy. String them throughout the room, across the wall and wind them around ornaments. These lights are available in various colours, although a classic white is perhaps the cosiest and most warming. As well as traditional lights, you can also choose a garland, which is available in various designs. Their room will instantly feel magical. 


Even if they have carpet, a rug is a cosy addition to your little one’s bedroom. It will be soft for their little feet to walk across and for kids that often spend time playing on the floor, it is a comfy space for them to sit. 

A lamp 

If they don’t have a lamp already, then this is key to a cosy space. It provides soft lighting – that is enough to see without being as harsh as ceiling lights can be. They can turn on the lamp to read, draw or play while the wind blows outside the window. Choose a touch lamp that gets brighter with each tap, so they can adjust the brightness depending on what they require.   

You only need to make a few small changes and these will make a big difference to how cosy snug their bedroom feels.   

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Last Update: Tuesday, 17th December 2019