The new school year is upon us, which means parents are breathing a sigh of relief after being constantly occupied by their children for the span of the summer holidays. While the school terms bring their own unique forms of stress and strife, theyre a chance for parents to relax into a routine, following some of their own pursuits a little more closely than they could over the summer. If youre a mum or dad looking to unwind while the kids are at school, check out the four tips provided thatll help you to unwind, relax and enjoy a kid-free space.

Artistic Endeavours

During the summer, theres never enough time in the day to produce a painting, sculpture, poem or piece of music. The kids are forever nagging you, commanding the majority of your attention – usually in a sweet and loving way, of course. Now theyre occupied with learning, though, its time to dust off your brushes and spend some time relaxing with your favouriteartistic pursuit. Breathe slowly, stop focusing on the time,and relax into your creative energies. Just make sure youve packed everything away before the kids come home and wreak havoc.


Its best not to indulge too much in front of your children as this can teach them damaging lessons about self-restraint. Nonetheless, when theyre away in their educational institution,youll be able to treat yourself a little bit. You might make a lovely batch of brownies, or enjoy a long bath. If you enjoy vaping, then treat yourself to new equipment or e-liquid for you to enjoy while the kids are away; you can hit the sweet spot by visiting a websitesuch as Ultimate Juice, which carriesthe best brands to date. Or you might watch some television or play some video games. Everything in moderation, of course, but youre free to indulge when the children are occupiedat school.

See Friends

Often, the holidays mean only one thing: extensive family time. Thats spending time with your nearest and dearest which is naturally a lovely thing to do, but it does entail spending less time with your friends. Thats why a great form of unwinding and relaxing post-holiday season is to schedule some quality time with your pals. Whether you choose to head out on morning jogs, grab a coffee, meet for lunch or explore local museums and galleries, time spent with your friends has a wonderfully calming influence on a stressed and overloaded mind.

Listen to Music

A hugeproportion of people across the world report the mentally healing benefits of music in their lives. It doesnt reallymatter whether youre a musical encyclopediaor someone who justenjoys a little bit of radio every now and then; turn up the music to relax and unwind. Some find classical music or jazz the best bet for relaxation while others, conversely, enjoy faster-paced and heavier music, which leads them to cathartic releases of tension. Whatever your tastes, chuck on some music while the kids are at school and kick around the house in style. 

The above four tips should be of service to anyone looking to relax while their children are out at school.

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Last Update: Friday, 24th May 2019