I recently read some information from Canesten ®, they believe if you feel more comfortable with your own body you are more likely to reach your full potential. It made me think about the year I have had and how I could really do with 2017 being a fantastic year. They have started a campaign called “Mummy Conversations” encouraging Mummy’s to talk to their little ones and make sure everyone is comfortable and confident in terms of the female health.

This year has been quite stressful, I started off with good intentions but as the year has progressed I ended up giving up all the things I was enjoying. I stopped running, exercise classes, crochet, playing on my piano and I haven’t written a single song this year. I became fatigued, all of the time, and just miserable. But in reading information from Canesten® I am getting into the New Year spirit with positivity and ready to start 2017 with a bang!

So first things first, I have been struggling over the past few months with my body and Isla has too, bless her. She is constantly telling me her personal “place” is stinging. She is so sensitive to bubble baths and shower gels and that can lead to all kinds of intimate health issues. I cannot imagine how bad she will suffer when she hits puberty and we come across things like Thrush. I have explained to her about wiping from front to back, to make sure it’s as clean as possible and I even got her some wet wipes to use when she is having a stinging session. I make sure that she has bubble bath and shower gel that is for sensitive skin, so it is mild and less likely to cause her inflammation. I feel so sorry for her. I wear panty liners since having children and when she is having a particularly bad day, she puts one on too and gets comfort from the fact she is being like Mummy! I do think there is merit in having an airing session, when the children were babies we took the nappies off and had bare bum time. Doing this now, gives Isla the chance to get some air to her bottom and this helps too. As Isla gets older and develops there is no doubt I will be talkng to her about what us ladies have to put up with, from periods to Thrush symptoms, the perfect products to use and general cleanliness tips. At four years old I know that now is not that time, but I answer any question she has honestly and I believe we have a good foundation for when she is older and ready to have more in depth discussions. Education is key! I don’t remember sitting with my Mum and talking about intimate health and all things that coincide with that. I remember being really frightened when my first period started and I don’t think I have ever told my Mum I thought I had Thrush.

I think I have been suffering with mild doses of this since having the coil as my method of birth control. Whereas the positives of this are I do not have a period, suffer with period pains or have to worry about getting pregnant again. I do suffer with these symptoms and I wonder if it is because of the stress I have felt this year. Feeling tired and fatigued, wound up and not keeping my body fit and healthy must definitely have effected things. Being able to self-diagnose helps though, going to see the doctor or nurse about intimate things can sometimes be the ONE thing you want to avoid. Even after giving birth, twice, the last thing I want is someone poking around down there!

So as we approach the end of the year, I am going to focus on making time for me. Being happy. Spending more time with friends, I am a social butterfly after all, doing things I love: crochet, my piano and I will start writing music again. Hopefully I will have a healthier, happier year than 2016 and most of all, thanks to Canesten ®: be at my full potential!

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