Create your very own book with Blurb!

I came across this website the other week, called Blurb! It is a fresh and vibrant website that allows you to make your own books. Literally turn your blurb into a book! Have you ever thought “I want to write a book” and never known where to start, or have taken so many photos of an event or holiday and wanted to turn it in to a book. You can with Blurb.


Blurb is literally a a self-publishing website that allows anyone to design and publish their own book, they produce loads of photobooks and are used by some of the world’s best photographers and creative types. It’s really simple and fun to make a photobook with them too, you can upload photos and images easily from your computer (or even Facebook and Instagram) and they have some great software that allows you to easily make a high quality book that is printed exactly how you want it. I have started mine, but I am taking my time to produce the best book I can.


The reason I am writing about it now, before I have published my own book, is because I think its a brilliant present for a family member or friend. If someone has that creative side to them, they will absolutely love this website. If someone has a set of recipes and photos to match, a recipe book of their very own food would be a fantastic present. I have a friend who would love this, she is always cooking fantastic recipes. Or what about a family member who makes great cocktails, they could put all their ideas into their very own book.


If you want more information on the books and to purchase a voucher, please visit the Blurb website: and you can see all the ideas and ways to get creative and costs.



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Create your very own book with Blurb!

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