Champney’s Health Farm

We spent the weekend in the lovely grounds at Champneys health farm, in Henlow. A much needed relaxing break. The grounds are so beautiful and the rooms are even better, this was the conservatory that I sat in on Saturday afternoon with my mag and cuppa, looking at the window at the snow landscape, which by the way was like a sauna and I loved it all cosy on the sofa.20120212-200650.jpg

Hubby had all the time in the world for swimming, saunas, jacuzzis, gym, fitness classes & a nice relaxing massage… I made the most of the tea & cake, yummy food & a nice comfy sofa with my mag… oh not forgetting my very first pedicure! Although I am slightly limited to what I can use here at the health farm because I’m pregnant, I still had the most relaxing weekend and definitely made the most of it.

There are lots of things us pregnant people can do at the spa, the swimming pool is open 6am – 10pm and I did quite a few lengths, thanks to the floats, which made it a little more comfortable. You can have some treatments, like pedicure, manicure and facials etc, there’s an extensive range of Elemis treatments and Champney’s treatments. There are fitness classes timetabled Mon – Sun, there are some we can do, country walks and making the most of the picturesque grounds. This was our view from the room:


I would recommend a nice weekend break before your bubba comes along, whether its your first or not, it is very worth it.

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  • The view from your room window looks amazing and it sounds like you both had a relaxing weekend. I too have never had a pedicure but then again I’ve never had my nails done either lol, what was it like?

  • Yes just me and Dean went, it was great. The food was perfect too! Sarah I would definately recommend it. I cant describe how nice it was to chill out.

    I thought I would find it ticklish, but I didnt. They put my feet in special foot heating pads and a bubbly foot spa and then they massaged them and painted my little toe nails a lovely purple! 🙂 Hehe It was nice and I would have it again. x

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