My car is starting to fall apart, I do not mean the bumpers hanging off or anything like that. But the electrics are going, the locks are playing up and makes random noises. It is a little daunting when it’s the main car the kiddies travel in, so I am starting to think about what I need in when buying a family car and doing my research. I will also need to make sure I sort some of the issues out before I think about selling it.

Does it have the space inside? 

Making sure the family car has enough space for the family inside is essential to me. We very often have to squeeze another car seat in the back when we have friends over for dinner. Some cars cannot fit 3 car seats across the back, and this would be something I would check before purchasing another car. Making sure I have the right car seats is important too, looking at online shop for example, they have a lot of choices. We have 2 children of Junior School age and so a booster seat is suitable. These booster seats can be quite wide, so make sure you measure up. I love all the different designs and colours you can buy, they can really brighten up the back seat! 

Does it have a proximity lock? 

What I mean by this is that with my current car when I walk up close (with the key on my person) the car will unlock automatically. This has been a lifeline for me whilst the kiddies have been young. If I am carrying them, or their bags or a heap of heavy shopping – having to fish around for a car key is too time consuming. Also, I just want to get the kids in the car as quickly as possible. 

Does it have safety features? 

I would want safety features in a car, for example at the moment I can lock the windows and the back doors do not open from the inside. The kiddies would love playing with the windows, if they could, and I have a huge anxiety about this. So, making sure I can lock the windows in the back would be a huge benefit and take a weight off my mind. 

Does it have a big boot space? 

Having a large boot space is handy for all of those events that we go to and from. Quite often the kids have bags of things, I have my work bags too. Having a boot space big enough for all of this and for any additional shopping too. Heck, let’s throw in a button to open the boot too. 

Does it have cool accessories? 

Now this isn’t essential, but things like pockets and spaces to keep things is a great idea. Cup holders in the back for the kids. Places to put their books and toys would be fab too. At the moment everything gets thrown on the floor and my car looks like a tip. It would be great if we could have family spaces in a car. 

What do you look for when buying a family car? To me it’s not about colour, speed or engines. You could say that is silly – but those things should be taken as guaranteed. I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Last Update: Thursday, 20th February 2020

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