Changes in life happen all the time. Some of them are positive, while others can have bigger, more negative impacts. When you have children in your life, these changes can become a whole new issue. Death, divorce, and moving house can all seem like the end of their world, even when it’s not. It can be tricky to help your children when you are experiencing the same changes, but not impossible. Having clear and trusted tips to turn to means you can build a great model for helping your children cope with life changes. Though there are many you can use, there are a few which offer the most help in hard times.

Be there for them

When you are also living through some negative changes, it’s easy to retreat into yourself and shut yourself off from the outside world. While this seems easier now, it will create many more problems for you and your children in the long term. Though it’s hard, it’s best to be there for your children in these times. Whether it be to give them a reassuring hug, to help them understand what’s going on, or to be there for them when they are grieving, it could also help you do what’s best for the future.

Remove unnecessary stress

Your children may already be struggling with an overwhelming number of emotions. It means that while you can’t shelter them from some stresses, there are some they don’t need to be a part of. For example, after a loved one dies, there may well be funeral planning and inheritance disputes to consider. These are issues your children shouldn’t have to cope with, so it’s best to remove this extra stress to give them proper time to come to terms with such a big life change. This is easier when you have a company like on your side.

Be honest

I am always honest with my children, sometimes probably when I shouldn’t be! Similarly, children can tell when you are lying to them. No matter how young they are, they will eventually figure out the truth behind a big life change. While some of this truth can wait until they are older, it is best to be honest with them as much as you can. Not only will this help them understand the situation more, but it can aide in how quickly they adapt to change. Most important is how close it will bring you together as a family

Show how change can be positive

Changes such as moving house can influence how your children grow up. You will see this change as positive, but it may be hard for your children to do this if they are thinking about losing friends or leaving their home behind. There are two effective ways to show your children how even negative life events can bring positives. Firstly, although you will also be dealing with these changes, you can’t give your children the impression that it’s okay to rely on unhealthy vices like drinking or smoking. You should also acknowledge why a change is negative, rather than pretending. Eventually, the positives will start to become more clear.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st August 2018