Through photos and videos, we can cherish the favourite moments of our lives and relive them and share them with whomever we want. When handling a business online, they help us tell our story to the online customers and get them to connect with the brand. Photos and videos, when united, are known as photo motion. The technique has always been in the form of slideshows, but a PowerPoint presentation can’t be uploaded on social media platforms or YouTube. I love to create stunning videos using my photos, it makes for a great montage.

However, with the advancements in the field, we now have a way to compile photos into an immersive video slideshow and share them with online companions, colleagues, and customers. Now, we need to grab and hold their attention by setting a mood with our videos, and to do that, let’s look at 6 tips to create attractive videos using photos.

Easy Tips To Create Attractive Video Using Your Photos

Just one good picture leaves its imprint on our minds, so it is needless to say how great would be the mark of a collection of such photos in the form of an attractive slideshow video. Unlike what we usually presume, the process of creating a polished professional slideshow video is easy and inexpensive. With good techniques, tools, and the 6 tips mentioned below, you can create a fantastic video without losing sleep and money, so get excited and read further to know them.

Use The Right Focus & Theme For The Photo : Right focusing is necessary to make an image convey the exact feeling you felt while capturing it to the audience. Therefore, adequately adjust your camera’s lens to get full resolution, sharpness, and contrast. You have to perfect this step otherwise, even the most advanced editing application won’t be able to fix a poor image.

When it comes to the theme of the images, choose a theme that appeals to you and connects you with the images, and later on, your audience will connect with it too. You can choose one theme for all the images in the compilation or mix things up. However, it is always better to have a common theme running in all the images.

1.  Set A Plan Before Starting Off The Photography

There are no precise approaches to follow in a creative process. However, it would be better to pre-visualize the final video slideshow and accordingly plan. Decide whether you need to hire a professional photographer or do the job yourself. Either way, you have to set a time interval that suits the idea of your video. Take photographs according to the time interval decided, maybe once or multiple times in a day or a week.

Photography means ‘drawing by light’; therefore, ensure you have chosen the perfect time of the day for adequate natural lighting and the suitable cameras for better quality. Avoid gathering generic photos and go with off-center composition as it looks more true-to-life. Also, it is always advised to take multiple shots and later pick out the ones that suit the idea of the video. One thing that you do not want is going back to clicking and revising more photos, as that will considerably hinder the video-making process. 

2.  Plan The Pace Of The Image & Video Timing 

Short-form videos less than 60 seconds or up to 2 minutes work best on social media platforms like Reels, TikTok, and Vine. But when it comes to YouTube, the idea of a short-form video lies around 10 minutes as the content on YouTube is more prolonged and comprehensive. Therefore, if you want to make a fortune with your video, ensure it should be less than 60 seconds and at most 2 minutes. However, YouTube stands as an exception. Otherwise, the 60 seconds to 2 minutes is the sweet spot for rest.

In determining the rate at which the image would show in the slideshow, you can go with as short as 1/30 of a second or as long as 1/5 of a second. However, it is always better to run trials on your slideshow maker and see what looks the most promising.

3.  Work With Your Finest Tools & Applications

Here, finest does not refer to the costliest on the block. Nothing overly fancy, just a compact digital camera or a smartphone would do. Remember, whichever you choose, try and work with the same device throughout the process. Use the burst mode or the continuous shooting mode, which helps take numerous shots continuously in a fraction of a second and place them in a series to analyze the motion. If feasible, get your hands on a fine lens, tripod, and an external flash.

For editing purposes, use the free versions of online applications that provide complimentary templates, backgrounds, photo editing tools, and touch-up tools to tweak the photograph’s coloring, contrast, saturation, textures, and filters. 

4.  Perfect Movie With A Decent Slideshow Maker

It’s time to bring the photographs to life using the best picture slideshow maker. You do not need anything extraordinary and expensive. Just a primary online slideshow designer that works best on your operating system and helps create a polished video with 4K Ultra HD resolution in less time.

Whichever slideshow maker you pick to work with should have an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provides all the primary editing tools we need in slideshow video with music. It should have an effects library for different photo effects. Besides, it should allow unlimited photos and easy downloads in the end. 

5.  Keep The Creative Hats On All Along The Process

Don’t just mash a bunch of photos, slap a piece of music on, and end the process. Put on your creative hat and add imaginative elements to emphasize the overall story and craft emotional responses from your audience. Add subtitles for context and jazzy transitions for a flow. Also, add tunes and songs to the movie for a smooth transition between different views and scenes.

However, acquiring a copyright license may be time-consuming. Therefore, either use royalty-free tracks or directly communicate with the viewers using voice recordings. Speed up or slow down the pace of the images that play to go with the music. Run trials with various speeds to elicit different emotions and emphasize different sequences. Just remember, there are infinite possibilities. It all relies on your vision and the intent of the video.

6.  Find A Proper Platform To Publish Your Masterpiece 

Before choosing one, you must look into two aspects of the numerous social media platforms. Firstly, search where your target audience gathers the most, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Secondly, the instructed video dimensions by the platform based on which your video would vary. 


By now, we believe you must have understood that you do not have to be a professional photographer or spend weeks learning photo motion and video editing skills to create attractive photos. You need imagination, intent, and an intuitive online video maker that can create a masterpiece for you. With the right tools and the above 6 tips at your fingertips, you can work the magic in just a few minutes. Remember, whether the video is for professional or personal use should be memorable. I love how you can create stunning videos from your photos.

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Last Update: Saturday, 1st October 2022