A carefully thought-out and meaningful gift is always a wonderful thing to receive. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a heartfelt present – the thought really is the most important thing to the person who receives it. However, sometimes, when there’s a special occasion that really needs celebrating in style, it can help to think carefully about the little details that make your gift more special. 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect item to give to the person in question, your work isn’t necessarily done, you can also think about everything from how you wrap the gift, to what comes with it, to make the occasion truly memorable. 

1.   Get the Wrapping Right

It’s no secret that the wrapping is often one of the most thrilling parts of receiving a gift. Getting a carefully-wrapped package means that you know the person who’s giving you it put a lot of time and effort into making sure you would smile. Choose your wrapping paper wisely, thinking about the person you’re going to be giving the gift to. What kind of colours and patterns would they find most appealing?

Could you add a bow or something else to really make the parcel look extra impressive? Sometimes these little details can make the biggest difference, and make your present stand out from the pile. The wrapping part of the gift giving process is often overlooked, but it can really highlight how much you care about that person. 

2.   Add a Handwritten Note

These days, we’re all so busy rushing around in our digital lives that we’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to get something hand-written. Even the cards that we send through online websites don’t have a real signature on them anymore. 

Make your gift feel more personal by adding a handwritten note that explains the nature of the gift or offers some additional information. You could potentially tell the person receiving the gift why you chose to buy that item, or what made you think of them when you were buying it. Tell the story of tracking down the gift or speak about the things that this item make you feel. 

3.   Customise the Gift Experience

These days, you can do all kinds of things with a little creativity and few arts and crafts. Why not add a charm to the ribbon on your gift that can double up as part of the present. Your loved one can keep that charm and use it as a reminder of you for years to come, even if they no longer have the present. 

Other ways to customise the gifting experience could include adding extra layers of wrapping paper and boxes, so your gift recipient has to work a little harder to the gifts within. You could even add some glitter or confetti to the inside of the gift bag for an extra touch of sparkle. Anything that makes the person you’re giving to smile a little more is work the effort. You could also try choosing a gift that is tailored to their specific hobby or interest. UKGifts.co.uk has some great options for this sort of thing.

4.   Include a Card

Cards and gifts used to be the standard combo for virtually every occasion. If you were giving someone a present, you would also give them a card to express your best wishes and let them know who the gift was from. These days, a lot of people are focusing more on the present, and less on the card that goes with it. 

If that’s been the case for you lately, it might be a good idea to rediscover what greeting cards are all about. Don’t just grab something off the shelf and write your name in it. Add your own message to make the experience extra special. This is your chance to really show the other person how much they mean to you with some intimate words. You can always practice what you’re going to say on a scrap piece of paper before if you’re nervous. 

5.   Personalise the present

Finally, almost every gift you’ll ever get will be “personal” if you choose it correctly. However, these days, it’s becoming much easier to take that experience to the next level with a bit of personalisation. See whether you can get the person’s initials or named embroidered into the new socks or jacket you want to buy them, or consider adding the personal touch yourself. 

You can also get various items engraved without spending a lot extra on the finishing touch. Take a look around and see what’s available for your item. It’ll make a world of difference.

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Last Update: Thursday, 24th December 2020