Your master bathroom is your personal sanctuary, but have you put a fraction of the thought into your kids’ bathroom? If you expect it to also serve as a guest bathroom, then it absolutely deserves some of your inspired design ideas to create a stylish space that you can be proud to show off to houseguests.

Here are a few tips for how to create a space that is equally as chic for guests as it is functional for your family.

1. Skip Shower Doors in Favor of a Curtain

While glass shower doors can provide a sleek and simple look, this is not the bathroom to do that in. Clear glass shower doors will be difficult to keep clean with kids. From fingerprints to water marks, this is a high-maintenance option that isn’t ideal for a bathroom that guests will be using. Glass doors also fail to hide all of the kid stuff that is undoubtedly in your shower. A shower curtain is a much more effective way to hide all of those brightly colored things, like bath toys, a non-slip mat, faucet cover and toiletries. Choose a shower curtain in a neutral color, like white or gray, in a solid, rather than a print, to create a more refined, clean look. Be sure to use a shower liner as well to keep the water where it should be and to extend the life of your shower curtain. Ensuring that you have clean shower curtains is definitely something to keep on top of too! 

2. Avoid the Kid Gimmicks

A stroll through Buy Buy Baby’s bathroom section is rife with “must-have” products that you don’t really need, so don’t fall into the trap. Skip the tacky faucet extender and get a new faucet if it’s truly an issue. Instead of brightly colored children’s step stool, opt for a more refined design in a wood species that coordinates with your bathroom cabinetry.

3. Splurge on Nice Things

As your guest bathroom, you should put your best foot forward when styling this space with small details, like hand soap, lotion and hand towels. Skip the Paw Patrol foaming hand soap in favor of something more adult with a well-designed bottle (not glass, because, kids) with a fresh scent. Mrs. Meyers hand soap is an affordable option or L’Occitane’s Lavender Shea Liquid Soap is a worthy splurge. Whichever hand soap you choose, get a coordinating lotion as well, and keep both on the sink countertop for easy access for guests.

Have a stash of clean guest towels at the ready 24/7. Make these off limits to your kids if you have to in order to keep them in nice shape. Choose towels in a neutral color that won’t easily stain or discolor.

4. Provide Easy Access to Essentials

A gracious host always has the necessary essentials within arm’s reach. Extra rolls of toilet paper, Q-Tips, Band-Aids, tissues and dental floss should all be in an easily accessible spot. And just because this bathroom mainly serves your children, that’s no reason for not having some adult must-haves, like matches and feminine hygiene products, in it as well.

Show Off Your Space

With a few simple intentional design decisions, you may be shocked at how easily your guest bathroom is transformed from kid central to something much more chic. Simply covering up the shower and bath with a shower curtain, skipping all of the gimmicky kid items, splurging on nice countertop products and offering easy access to essential toiletries can transform your space into something your guests can appreciate.


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Last Update: Wednesday, 7th October 2020