Weekend wonder – planning out an exciting family day trip

Life with children is one adventure after another. Sometimes just cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning feels like all the adventure I need for the whole week! But sometimes I feel like really packing up the whole family and getting out there to explore things big and small. A family day trip is the best day with the best memories. 

No matter how much motivation I have to plan exciting day trips for my family I am often left struggling for inspiration or ideas. If this sounds familiar than you will hopefully enjoy what comes next. I have compiled, for myself and other parents who long for more family adventure, a list of tips on how to plan an exciting family day trip. So read on for inspiration then head out the door with the whole family in tow!

No Occasion Needed

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, there are likely event centres that cater to families. You don’t need an excuse like a birthday to take your kids to one of these fun filled places! Recently I took my two little ones to a trampoline park and it truly exceeded all of our expectations. The kids were able to bounce out so much energy and I enjoyed the delicious coffee while delighting in their endless giggles and laughter.

No Adventure Too Small

Don’t underestimate the power of a micro adventure. There are dozens of epic hiking trails around my house. Sometimes, I look at them longingly. Then, I look in front of me to see my toddler and baby, and wonder if ever the two shall meet. One day I decided to change my mindset. A hike doesn’t have to get to the top, it doesn’t even have to get much past the trail head. My husband and I pack up our little ones, a picnic, and we just see how far we can get. We have even had a picnic just down the road on a grassy spot and to my girls it felt like we were on a huge adventure.

Be Prepared for Anything

My husband always rolls his eyes a bit at how much I pack in our bag when we are just out for a day adventure. But us mums know you have to be prepared for anything! When getting ready for an adventure big or small don’t forget to pack ample snacks, water bottles, extra pair of clothes for everyone (yes – including you mum!), sunscreen, hats, and my favourite is a very special treat hidden deep in the pockets of the backpack just in case one of the team has an epic meltdown and needs a bit of bribery.

The Sublime Staycation

An exciting family day trip can be in your front yard. While kids love getting out and seeing new things, there are some days when a front yard adventure is what the whole family needs. One of my favourite staycation ideas is to build a fort in the front yard and have a picnic in it. My daughter’s imagination comes alive when we do this and we often have imaginary pirates, or unicorns joining us for tea.

Before I had kids, I worried that my adventurous lifestyle would be seriously damaged with the introduction of little people. In reality, it now feels like every moment is an adventure. I used to need to fly across the world to get a real sense of adventure, and now I can get it from climbing a tree in the park. Kids add magic to the simplest of situations and they don’t need much to make an outing feel like a grand experience. So don’t overthink it, don’t feel like you need to go huge, just get out there and enjoy every moment with your wee ones.



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Tuesday 28 August 2018
Weekend wonder – planning out an exciting family day trip

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