Bandai do a fabulous range of toys and Noah has been sent a lovely little Noddy Cuddle Buddy: which is just adorable.

Remember Noddy? Well he’s back and ready to keep Mr Plod on his toes in Toyland, I used to like watching Noddy when I was little and I believe Noah will also like watching the little cheeky chappy!

Noddy and his friends have been exploring the magical world where toys come to life for 60 years, through different adventures that let you learn through play. Now we can all enjoy the fun with a whole new range of toys.

Noddy Cuddle Buddy is so cute and dinky, he is just the right size for Noah to grab and drag around the room with him everywhere he goes. I often find Noah getting a sneaky hug with Noddy too – I am not sure if he thinks its a real little person or not! I have sat there some mornings and hidden myself from Noah’s vision and brought Noddy to life, I wave at Noah and talk to Noah via Noddy and its great fun, for me and Noah! He giggles when I say silly things, or I get Noddy to clap and Noah copies us. I think the Noddy range is a great idea for little toddlers and its helped us develop role play games, the only thing I am not so sure of is if Noah thinks he can drag his new brother or sister around like that by the arm!

Join Noddy and his pals on fun filled adventures in Toyland with the adorable range of plush characters; cuddle up to cute Bumpy Dog, pretty-in-pink Tessie Bear, huggable Noddy, and Mr Plod who’s always looking out for mischief makers! Live life in the fast lane by getting your hands on the Noddy vehicles; a plane, helicopter, monster truck and submarine, as well as the classic Noddy car, will all bring excitement, fun and adventure to every playtime! To view the other fabulous Noddy products visit the Bandai website:

To view the other toys that Bandai do visit:

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