Top tips to keep your man hooked in a long term relationship

When we’re in a relationship, it’s easy to let things slide. He already loves you, so your appearance slips down your priority list. After all, you would love him no matter how he looked, right? But, it’s possible love isn’t as blind as we would like to believe. In fact, ‘she let herself go’ is a comment many men make when asked why they decided a relationship was over. And, if that isn’t proof enough, we’re going to look at a few further reasons you should continue to look good for your man.
The Biological Truth Of Attraction

Though it’s a biological phenomenon, few of us like to think of that when we’re in love. We believe our relationships go deeper than the scientific stuff. But, on a base level, we’re all programmed to opt for the most attractive partner we can. We could get all technical about why, but there’s an easy way to explain it. Love is, in its bare-bones, about reproduction. So, of course, we want an attractive partner with good genes. While he may not realize it, an attraction to your genes could’ve been what first caught your man’s attention. If those genes turn out to be duds, his natural desires may lead him to look elsewhere.

Of course, human relationships are more complicated than that. But, there’s no denying that biologically, you want to keep your man attracted to you. It’s the best way to ensure he’ll be happy with you for as long as possible.

Rebuilding Attraction Keeps Relationships Fresh

Instead of letting your appearance go, build on your initial attraction. Many couples part ways after becoming bored, or disillusioned with each other. To stop that happening, you should attempt to change your appearance occasionally. This will be good for the both of you. Your man will fall in love with you all over again. Plus, you’ll feel a boost of confidence which will only highlight your new appearance.

Something as simple as buying a new outfit will do the trick. Take a look in your favorite stores for a dress which will wow him. Or, you might want to shake up your makeup routine. Even something as simple as changing to a lighter foundation could do the trick. These are some of the best organic foundations which are worth consideration here. Your man may not notice a change so subtle, but you may find that he can’t keep his hands off you. If you want to take things to extremes, try a new haircut. That’ll refresh the relationship for sure. He’ll feel like he’s with a whole new woman!

It Shows Him You Care

Attraction aside, your man may feel like you don’t care if you stop putting the effort in. He may rue the days when you’d put on a cute outfit just for him. Now all he sees you in are pajamas. This type of thing sends the wrong message. Don’t let him think you’ve lost interest. Keep making an effort.

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