Tips for creating a stylish shabby chic kitchen from Murdoch Troon

Shabby chic style has many charming elements of traditional French country design. The highly appealing aspect of this fashion statement in decor is that you can add creative elements of your choice. When putting various elements together to design and decorate your kitchen, you can include elegant, comfortable and eclectic items. You can combine vintage, farmhouse and modern minimalist furnishings and accents in your decor. The intriguing aspect of shabby chic kitchen ideas is that you can continue to add or replace items over time. Just one item with distinctive French flair or comfy cottage warmth can give your kitchen an entirely different ambiance. I love the fact that I have achieved some of these tips already!

No matter how fashionable and elegant your shabby chic kitchen may be, it will always reflect welcoming comfort. By combining some older, worn furnishings, you can create a stylish yet lived-in quality that attracts family and friends. Your kitchen will be the major gathering spot in your home. Everyone will choose the kitchen and its island-bar area for relaxed, casual food, drinks and conversation. Not only will your food prepping and cooking areas be highly functional, but they will also have an intriguing atmosphere. Its balanced mixture of past eras and contemporary lifestyle will make your kitchen a popular place for food and socialising. The true charm of shabby chic stylish kitchens will capture and captivate all.   

Tips and Stylish Tricks for Designing Your Ideal Shabby Chic Interior

The fine quality bespoke furnishings from Murdoch Troon Kitchens can ensure top-caliber design for your new cooking interior. These excellent designers, manufacturers and artisans produce superb Shabby Chic Kitchens of varied types and sizes. With their expertise and advice, your kitchen interior can display stunning elements of this intriguing, fashionable style mode. The following savvy tips can enable you to create the ideal shabby chic decor of your fondest stylistic schemes:

  • Use Whites, Creams and Blue Tones in Your Decor
shabby chic

Shabby chic design calls for an open, bright quality that only a white or creamy palette can ensure. By adding pops of colour, including some blue tones to your decor, you can increase depth and character. With a textured backsplash with vintage style such as repurposed tiling, the richness of this design mode comes alive. You can then freely add furnishings of mixed style and fashion periods, from traditional classic to farmhouse-barn and sleek modern chic. Casual elegance is a quality that shabby chic always seems to exude. When you combine kitchen furnishings and accents from multiple eras, you bring personality and charm to your home cooking haven. 

  • Include Distressed Furniture While Mixing and Matching

By choosing some appealing distressed furniture for your kitchen interior, you will introduce strong elements of character. Attractive vintage pieces tend to add depth and meaning to your room design. Even small older items like cross-back chairs, hand-carved bar stools or ornate porcelain flower vases add colourful richness. If you display a set of vintage stoneware crockery on shelving and tables, these aged items blend with quartz countertops. By placing an elegant marble slab counter on a vintage handcrafted kitchen island on wheels, you can add unique charm. You and your guests can enjoy a central conversation piece with delightful and useful shabby chic charm and pizzazz. 

  • Include Antique Items and Recycled Accessories.

Photo by Tom Swinnen from Pexels

At locale garage sales and flea markets, you can find some fascinating antique items like decorative china and chrome shelf clocks. These are excellent venues for finding affordable shabby chic furniture. Recycled bottles, decanters, glassware and cooking vessels also lend stylistic accents to your kitchen interior. Used wrought iron cooking pots, baking pans and skillets also add ageless charm. Antique woven baskets, trays and storage bins also bring vintage elegance and warmth to your kitchen decor. Antique copper lamps hanging from repurposed iron chains can enrich your kitchen design with a pleasingly quaint charm. Antique window glass is also an excellent choice for lending a lasting sense of age-old vitality and style to your room. If you like vintage appliances, they can bring intriguing personality and fashion to your room. The key to successful decor is including a variety of shabby chic kitchen furniture.   

  • Add Plants or Try Floral Prints for Curtains, Chair Cushions and Counter Skirts.

Experiment with different attractive floral print fabrics for curtains and kitchen table chair cushions for your cottage chic kitchen. These colourful prints are also appealing when used for under-counter skirts. These fabric patterns are characteristic of the shabby chic style for kitchens and breakfast nooks. By changing your fabrics periodically, you can refresh and revitalise the entire room’s design and ambiance. Fabrics of this type are also ideal as tablecloths and napkins, brightening your shabby chic linens. Their natural flower, leaf and vine designs will most likely please everyone in your household, from youngsters to senior family members and guests. 

  • Install Attractive and Spacious Open Shelving

Photo by Nightingale Art House from Pexels

When you install appealing and spacious open shelving in your cottage chic kitchens interior, you will create a charming sensibility of “artfully organised clutter.” Because the items that you exhibit on these shelves are many and varied, they can form a museum-like display. Composed of stylish curios, practical vintage utensils and pleasing pottery styles, this exhibit can be quite charming. Shabby chic kitchen wall decor continues to be popular. Even when in a state of disarray, these eclectic and intriguing items lend bright or subtle accents and unique personality to your unusual mixture of kitchen decor. Country cottage chic is noted for its relaxed charm. These shelves are also very useful for storing frequently used cooking vessels, china and accessories in small kitchen interiors. 

  • Choose Glass Cabinets and Crystal Items. 

Shabby chic kitchen cupboards are often quite stylish. If you select stunning glass-pane cabinetry and freestanding kitchen cupboards, you will instill a lasting ambiance of French country style. These cabinets with sparkling glass windows create an open, airy feeling throughout the room. The china, glassware, ornate silver or wooden trays and other attractive items stored inside will also become items of decor. They will capture the viewer’s attention while lending pops of colour, pleasing patterns and textures that enrich your overall decor. By adding antique crystal chandeliers, decanters, bowls and serving plates, you can set your cottage chic kitchen aglow with energy, elegance and lasting charm. Shabby chic kitchen cabinets are always in style.  

  • Eclectic and Fascinating Window Decorations

Photo by HH E from Unsplash

One enduring characteristic of rustic chic kitchens is their tendency toward decorative window displays. These artful exhibits may be hanging collections of small pattered china vases, plates and silver spoons or goblets. They may also be displays of needlepoint, embroidery and ornate stitching encased in frames and hung to catch daytime sunlight. Some home cooks choose to exhibit framed recipes, photos of specialty foods or pictures of their favourite professional chefs. Others may display vintage family photos depicting holiday dinners, birthday parties or special events. Most home chefs delight in displaying photos of special occasions celebrated with delicacies prepared in their own shabby chic interiors. Shabby chic kitchen decor is centered around decorative effects. No shabby chic kitchen design is complete without some decorative window elements.    

By contacting the experienced professionals of Murdoch Troon Kitchens, you can obtain expert advice concerning designing your shabby chic interior. This highly skilled team manufacturers superb kitchen furnishings and accessories in this attractive and intriguing mode of decor. These unique bespoke designs are handcrafted from finest pine timber and expertly finished to enhance every aspect of rustic chic kitchens. These professional designers and producers of stunning natural wood furnishings can also offer superior advice for kitchen furnishings and decor. They offer excellent advice concerning how to paint shabby chic kitchen cabinets. They will ensure that your new cottage chic kitchens interior completely satisfies and even surpasses your expectations and desires. 

Charming, often eclectic and always creative shabby chic designs can add lasting casual elegance and comfort to any kitchen. Shabby chic kitchen decor is utterly charming and recognisable. Especially since you can feature items of any style, material and age within your overall room decor, shabby chic prevails. In fact, it is one of the most frequently requested design modes in home decor today. There is an endless variety of designs, fabrics and surface styles that can be combined in this fashion statement. Your shabby chic kitchen interior will be fresh, inviting and totally unique to charm and delight your entire household.


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Tips for creating a stylish shabby chic kitchen from Murdoch Troon

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