On Friday the 7th February I will be hosting a very special party, a Twitter party to celebrate the premiere episodes of Zack and Quack and you are cordially invited. All you need is Twitter and the hash-tag #zackandquack – then you will be ready to go and ready to win big prizes


The show starts officially on Nick JR at 4:30pm on Friday 7th February 2014, there will be a special 2 episodes screening this week too, so double the fun! So who are Zack and Quack I hear you ask: 

Zack, a young boy who is very creative and invents fantastic things and his best friend Quack, a duck have fantastic adventures in their little pop-up book world. Much the same as a pop-up book works, when you pull triggers surprises happen and that is no different for Zack and Quack. Kira, Zack’s next door neighbour helps in all adventures with her special and expert pop-up toolkit. 


Zack and Quack meet plenty of quirky friends along the way including a wise frog called Belly Up, Skip and Hop – a pair of acrobatic squirrel sisters, and an ever cautious hedgehog called Fluffy. Together with their friends, Zack and Quack soon discover that anything’s possible with the power of pop up.


On Friday’s premiere episode “Pop-Up Speedway,” Zack and his friends build a pop-up race car and Zack wants to prove it’s a winner on the greatest raceway ever. Zack and Quack will have to use all of their pop-up “engine-uity” to show that their home made hot-rod is just as good as the other cars.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 4th February 2014