We received the new “free from” baby care range from HiPP Organic and the children love it all. We were sent a funky children’s foam soap in the shape of a duck, which the children love, baby lotion and head to toe baby wash. You can see the free from range on the HiPP Organic website, other products are baby shampoo and a bedtime bubble bath. 

The whole range has been created with meticulous care and detail so it does not include those baddies such as microbeads and parabens. If you are not sure what is wrong with these things: they are the things that clog up the oceans with plastic and animals eat them… and for those of you who eat fish, you end up eating them too. Thankfully, being vegetarian I do not! But not only that, it’s not exactly kind to the poor animals of the oceans. So yeah HiPP Organic! 


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOnly the kindest ingredients can be found in the range, minimising the risk of allergies and guaranteeing a gentler, softer wash every time. Isla struggles with soaps and washes as she has a very sensitive bottom. The times she has screamed her head off because she is stinging, so it is essential we have kind bubbles and wash products. She loves the new HiPP range, so it passed the Isla test with double thumbs up. It also means that bath times are fun again, not painful and I have silly, happy children that do these silly faces: 



If you would like to know more about the free from range then visit the HiPP Organic website: www.hipp.co.uk. I would love to know your favourite free from product and see your silly, happy bath time photos too… leave a comment below or connect on social media with @mummyconstant. 


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Last Update: Saturday, 10th December 2016