Making those first impressions count #SelfAwareness

I have been doing a lot of learning over the past few months, call it a self awareness journey if you will. It’s helped me a lot at work and at home! I have learnt how to control feelings and I almost look at myself in certain situations now and guide myself in the right way. I wanted to share some of my journey and my learning experiences as it might be useful for someone else. 

Where am I going with this? Well one of the first things I learnt when doing my leadership course a few years back was about first impressions. You cannot erase them. You cannot go back and do it again. Most often you cannot change peoples opinions based on your first impressions either.

It’s not just about people, it can be a front garden of a house or a restaurant, even a place of work. Choosing the right Furniture At Work™ is just important as to what clothes you wear to making that all important good first impression with someone. You want that place of work to be inviting, especially in an interview situation. Have you ever approached someones house before and had a feeling that you didn’t quite like where you’re heading? Or if you are trying to sell a house you want that first impression to be the best, so that the prospective buyer wants to walk in and see more. As opposed to run in the opposite direction!

Did you know that it takes one tenth (0.1) of a second for us to judge someone based on that all important first impression? That’s hardly anytime at all. It doesn’t happen consciously all the time either, your subconscious will be in overdrive analysing everything about that person: body language for example. 

That leads me onto another really interesting fact I have learnt: did you know that when you are having a conversation with someone 20% of what you say is listened to, the rest is all about body language. So it’s an incredibly huge part of everyday life. What I mean by that is where your eyes dance too? What your hands do? Do you shuffle your feet? Tap your fingers on the desk? Not making eye contact. All things that feed into that first impression. 

Learning about body language can really improve first impressions, I think. Understanding why it is good to make eye contact and how to control anxiety coming through in your body language – like tapping or fidgeting. 

I also think it’s really important to do the same with your home, learn what works and what doesn’t. It is all subjective, what works for one will not work for another. But its your home, so its important to you. For me thats basically perusing Instagram at all the images of people’s homes that inspire me. What can I do to improve my home environment in that way? 



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Monday 1 May 2017
Making those first impressions count #SelfAwareness

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