While there certainly are many perks to WFH (work from home), it can also be extremely challenging and stressful when you have a baby at home. It is wonderful to be able to see and spend much more time with the baby, but it is also difficult when you are trying to focus and concentrate, and they need so much attention. With this in mind, here are a few tips for working from home effectively with a baby.

Communicate with Work

The most important thing that you can do is to communicate with your boss and colleagues. They are likely to be understanding of the situation (and could be in a similar one themselves), so hopefully this will give some flexibility and leeway when it comes to your schedule. Just make sure that you are finding a way to get your work done and you should be able to keep them happy.

Take Advantage of Nap Time

Fortunately, nap time is a key part of the day for a baby and this will give you windows throughout the day to really focus and get the most important tasks done. Sleepsuits will ensure that your baby is sleeping soundly and comfortably and you could also wear a baby carrier around the house to help them fall asleep. You could multi-task with rocking and swaying motions while also using this time to make important work calls and other chores.


It is hard to keep the baby entertained while you are also trying to get work done, but there are a few effective ways to do this while they are under your supervision. Music, toys, coloring in and food should keep them busy while you are able to work. You should also take them out into the garden throughout the day too for fresh air – this will help you both to feel refreshed and revived. Babies become tired and sleep more when they are kept occupied, so the key is finding ways to keep them entertained and busy without it interfering with your work too much. 

Share Responsibility

If you are living with a partner or anyone else that is working from home (or even older kids), you could also share the responsibility throughout the day. This means that one person could look after the baby and try to get as much work done as possible for an hour while the other works free from distraction and then switch over.

Hopefully, this will give you ideas for the best ways to work from home with a baby while still providing the care and attention that they need throughout the day. You also need to practice self care whilst at home too!