HiPP Baby Club Review

With so many baby clubs out there it’s great when you come across a “gooden”. I have been signed up to the HiPP Baby Club since being pregnant with Noah and after my week of HiPP goodness – trying different foods & snacks with little man, I wanted to share some of the love with my mummy readers.

The HiPP Baby Club gives you advice about everything from weekly pregnancy updates, to helpful feeding advice for your ever growing tots with their fabulous HiPP Organic ranges. As a pregnant mum I get regular baby development emails, which are so handy (even second time around) I find it fascinating to know what’s going on in my belly.

Here is an example of my HiPP Baby Club homepage:

You will notice that there are some useful links on the left, the Expert advice section for mummies and mummies-to-be, I am greeted with my pregnancy update and there are lots more useful links and pieces of information on the rest of the page. I would definitely recommend this baby club to all of my readers, its a lovely website, easy to use and very friendly…

If you sign up to the HiPP Baby Club today, you get a free 1st year record book and free HiPP Organic samples/money off coupons. Which leads me onto the fabulous HiPP Organic products, Noah loved his beef hotpot and spaghetti meals, he ate them with no squabbles and no fuss. It was amazing! If you have ever seen Noah eating meals, you will know that food gets played with, spat out, thrown to the dogs and very often he knocks the spoon out of my hand (to say “I don’t want it Mummy”), but with these HiPP meals he did not do any of this, he ate them all and there was no fuss what so ever. I think that says it all and he clearly isn’t impressed with my cooking!

To join the HiPP Baby Club go to: http://www.hipp.co.uk/hipp-baby-club
To view HiPP Organic website, go to: http://www.hipp.co.uk/
Follow HiPP on Twitter: @HiPPOrganic
Like HiPP Organic on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hippuk

Stay tuned for my fab HiPP Organic competition starting tomorrow…  

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