If, like me, you are a working Mum that has just over 2 weeks to kit the children out with their new school uniforms (replace the scuffed shoes, torn edged trousers and chewed jumper sleeves!) you will want to get as much as you can in a “one stop shop”. John Lewis is just that. John Lewis challenged me to find everything I need in their school uniform shop, and I managed to get everything I needed for under £100.

I was able to get the children’s school uniforms, parts of their PE kits, school shoes and get prepared for the winter months with a hat too. And all from the John Lewis school uniform shop. 

Disclaimer: I may earn a payment if a sale is made after you click on a link from this post.

Dressing up the girls

This is pretty easy, Isla loves shopping and she adores all the pretty little things shops have to offer. She is a girly girl. She loves the pretty dresses with the odd bit of detail on them, for example a pendant on the zips or embroidery on the skirt. So with this in mind, we set out to find the right bits for Isla for September and her big step into Year 1. She is growing up fast, but she is still quite dinky. We played it safe with an age 5, she can grow into it throughout the year.

We chose the lovely Zip front tunic in grey, £15, it has the cute daisy pendant on the zip and it looks like a very comfortable fit. I find these tunics much more practical for Isla, skirts slip off her tiny waist and I can never find the right size. At least I have the comfort of knowing the tunic cannot slip down, which is more comfortable for her too. This tunic will last her the entire school year, she will wear Summer dresses in the warmer months. 

Whilst choosing the tunic, I opted for some nice new white socks. It doesn’t matter how many pairs I buy, someone eats them when they hit the utility room and I end up with a heap of odd socks. Quite frankly they are not very white by the end of the year either. A pack of white frill top socks are fantastic value at £5. 

I found these Clarks Hopper Go Plimsolls which are perfect for PE and they look comfortable too. They have a really cute detail on them which Isla loves. Matches her dress pendant! 

Finally, we chose this Unicorn weekly planner, not just because Isla (and Mummy) are obsessed with unicorns, but this will help us all be a bit more organised next term. Mummy will remember the PE kits, school tickets, special lunches and all those other things that throw a curve ball in my week normally. I am also going to encourage Isla to choose what they want for their dinners each week, so I can cook things that I know they will want to eat. Sometimes that can be the hardest decision, especially when they have had a cooked meal for their lunch. 

Kitting out the boys

Noah’s main issue at school is scuffed knees in his trousers, toes of his shoes and a chewed sleeve on his jumper. He is a nightmare for it. I went through 5 pairs of trousers last year alone. Thankfully I managed to hold off shoe shopping until the Summer holidays. 

With the above in mind, we chose the Easy Care adjustable waist slim fit trousers, Noah loves skinny fit clothes and these are reinforced in the knees. The fabric is made out of Teflon too, so the fabric is protected. The other thing I love about these trousers is they need “little” ironing. 

Noah loves having different socks each day, he has a set with the days of the week on and so I thought these Contrast heel socks were a great choice. Especially if Monday is still in the wash! He will love the bright colours and they will be hidden in his shoes, bonus. 

I love the shoes section, I could drill down to the colour and I only wanted to see “in stock” items. They had a great range of school shoes too. In the end we chose these fabulous Clarks Jetsy fun shoes as they looked comfortable and practical too. Noah needs that toe protection, he’s a typical boy that rolls around on the floor at any given opportunity. 

I grabbed a couple of water bottles each, they like to have new and clean bottles to take to school. Nothing worse than a chewed, or worse, mouldy bottle lid! I found a bargain with these two bottles at £2.50. I just hope they come in a pink and a blue, else there may be issues! 

Finally, being extremely prepared, I found this rather lovely bobble hat for the Winter months. It was reduced too, always great to find a bargain. You can never have enough hats in our house. As soon as the chill comes through in the air, they are on our heads! It’s nice to have spares so you can wash one and wear another. 

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Last Update: Friday, 1st September 2017