5 Household problems you should never fix yourself

Many homeowners often want to tackle all household problems themselves, which is usually due to pride or to save money. However, there are some tasks that can pose a risk to both your health and home, which is why you must hire a professional. Read about the five household problems you should never fix yourself.1. Plumbing Problems

There are some small plumbing repairs you can attempt yourself, such as replacing a shower head or faucet. However, other plumbing repair projects should only be undertaken by an experienced professional; otherwise, that small plumbing issue could lead to a big and expensive problem. Don’t allow plumbing issues to spiral out of control quickly and instead call a professional plumber to complete the job.

2. Electrical Repairs

Similar to plumbing, there are some electrical repairs you can perform yourself, such as installing a ceiling fixture or changing your light switch. However, you should never embark on a complex electrical repair yourself. Replacing or extending circuits can be incredibly dangerous, unless you have received professional training. It only takes one wrong circuit to result in a house fire, injury or fatality. If the repair goes beyond changing a fixture, we recommend calling a qualified electrician, such as Captain Electric.

3. Roofing Issues

Repairing a roof can be more than a little risky, as you could suffer a serious or fatal injury should you fall from a great height. While repairing a roof shingle might not be complex, it can be more than a little tricky to carry the tools up and down a ladder. It only takes one wrong slip to experience an accident or injury. If you lack the confidence and experience to repair a roof, hire a professional to resolve the problem on your behalf. It’s worth bringing in a professional if your health is at risk.

4. Asbestos Removal

Many older properties may contain asbestos to insulate a property. Unfortunately, the inhalation of the natural minerals can result in a serious scarring condition of the lung, which will sadly cause a progressive shortness of breath. For this reason, most uses of asbestos have been banned across the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In addition to being dangerous to your health, a DIY removal of asbestos could also pose a risk to your neighbours’ health, too. You must therefore never attempt to remove suspected asbestos from your home. It is imperative to contact an asbestos abatement team, who can remove toxic insulation from a property.

5. A Gas Appliance Repair

Many households rely on different gas appliances, such as an oven, hot water heater and clothes dryer. Unfortunately, a homeowner might believe a DIY repair or replacement is a quick fix to an appliance problem, but it could cause more harm than good. Leaks can quickly appear when attempting to fix an appliance, which can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t take any changes and contact a heating engineer to provide a solution to a big or small appliance problem.

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