It is so lovely to get out and about, even when the summery rain is showering down on us. We are lucky to live quite near a great place, full of wildlife and nature. Also, a lot of muddy puddles. What better way to wind down after a busy week, than to pull up the wellies and get jumping. Have you tried it? Even as an adult it is a great stress reliever. 


I captured a fun video of our recent muddy puddle adventure, at Paxton Pits. One of our favourite locations to let off some steam. We just grabbed a fleece and pair of wellies and off we went. I love the fact that we can just do that. Some nights we just sit and chill out in front of the TV, which is fine. But, sometimes it is just lovely to get out and about. It’s funny how big the smiles are and how quickly they spread across your face. 


Have you ever put your wellies on and jumped in puddles? It makes you feel very happy. It’s all about getting the balance right: the correct footwear and not worrying about what other people think. That’s the great thing about children. Children are not bothered about what other people think. If there is one thing you do this July, it is get your wellies on and get puddle jumping! 

The outdoor wear in this video was from Muddy Puddles. A great online store that sells everything from wellies, to all in ones and snuggly fleeces. You can see their fantastic waterproof products on their website:

Isla is wearing her red, spotty, puddlestomper wellies and a very soft, snuggly, cosy cloud fleece

Where is your favourite place to go puddle jumping? 

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Last Update: Monday, 8th August 2016