Is there more emphasis on subject mastery than grades in homeschooling?

With all the information in the news at the moment about homeschooling, I thought it was a good idea to look at the differences between the two. There was one quite obvious difference: in public school, grades are everything.  Students are ranked by them.  Their success is measured by the numbers on their tests, papers and homework.  The assumption is the higher the number, the greater the understanding.  This may not necessarily be true.  While some students really know the information on the test, for many, the grade only shows how much they memorized.  They might not actually understand the information.  For the homeschooled student, there is more emphasis on truly mastering the subject rather than the number.

Language Learning

Learning a new language can be difficult.  Students may be able to memorize words or conjugations, which is good, but won’t help much if he or she doesn’t understand how to use them.  Many times, public schools put the emphasis on vocabulary and fill in the blanks rather than actually being able to master the language.  Online homeschool programs, such as FutureSchool, offer English as an online language class that focuses on reading comprehension, grammar, and speaking as well as vocabulary in order to ensure that English learning students truly grasp the language and can use it on a daily basis.

Customized Learning

With online homeschooling, lessons are customized to the student.  Strengths can be expanded upon, creating a greater interest in learning.  Weaknesses can be worked on at a comfortable pace, meaning the student won’t give up when they don’t understand something right away.

IMG_0289Extra Help

Even if a public school student wants to understand the information, finding the necessary help can be difficult.  Teachers can’t stop in the middle of class.  Nor do they always have the necessary time after school to spend with the student.  Tutoring centers have set schedules that don’t always work for families, or getting to one can be a hassle.  Online education programs like FutureSchool offer access to online tutors 24/7, meaning that whenever the student has a question or difficulty understanding, he or she can always reach someone.  There are no set time limits with the online tutor.  No matter if the student needs twenty minutes or an hour and twenty minutes, the tutor will help until a solid understanding is achieved. 

Grades are an important part of public school.  While teachers may want their students to actually understand, the numbers on the tests tend to be more important.  Homeschooling programs like FutureSchool put the emphasis on knowledge rather than the actual grade, giving the student a wonderful opportunity to flourish.


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Thursday 5 May 2016
Is there more emphasis on subject mastery than grades in homeschooling?

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