I was recently sent a fantastic Dormeo memory foam mattress, once you get one of these you will not want to go back to a conventional mattress. It is brilliant! No springs in my back, no squeaking, just pure comfort that feels like I am lying on a sea of fluffy cushions.


Dormeo are an Italian company that produce great quality foam mattresses, we were lucky to try out this idea of weightlessness. I was rather excited, I love my bed! The fact that the mattress is sanitized protection against dust-mites & allergies also made me happy, I have an allergy to dust. So anything that helps reduce this is perfect for a goods night sleep. The first thing I noticed was that it was in a roll, the box was narrow when it was delivered and it baffled me as to how there was a mattress inside. But the mattress is rolled up and vaccum packed which gives me more protection during transit. You need to unwrap it, pop it open and wait 12 hours before sleeping on it, so that the mattress has got some time to breathe and fill with air.


The other thing I noticed is that the top side of the mattress has a nice patterned fabric cover, this is something that I haven’t seen on other memory foam mattresses and I love the fact that this one has. It is almost like it has another layer of protection and will ultimately last longer than other brands. The mattress also has these little vents around the sides, this is to help filter air through the mattress – what a great idea. The vents help to reduce the heat and moisture in the mattress, giving you a more comfortable sleep. This would have been perfect over the summer months.


I really love the new mattress, it is firm enough for Daddy and really cosy for Mummy at the same time, do not ask me how that is possible! It was really easy to set up and not long to wait until it was on the bed and ready for me to sleep, it was just screaming out “get to bed Sonia”. So I did! It is a fantastic quality mattress and I will sleep a lot easier knowing that the mattress is protected from those pesky dust mites.


You can see other Dormeo products on their website: http://www.dormeo.co.uk/. You can follow them on Twitter @DormeoUK and like them on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/DormeoUK.


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Last Update: Tuesday, 30th September 2014