When we were asked to review the Stackadoos I was so excited, I used to love these blocks when I was a child and I couldn’t wait to get them and see what Noah did with them. Letterbox is a great website where you can buy some of the most fantastic toys, outdoor play products, home & school learning products and you can even buy personalised products.

DSC_2182The Stackadoos come in a fun tub, which has been extremely useful for carrying the blocks around, we can easily take them to peoples houses and when we are ready to leave, pack the blocks into the tub and take them home. It makes them easy to tidy up at the end of the day too, so no matter how many blocks are around the lounge – they tidy up very easily, it’s great.


So, some of the technical details that you need to know: it says 2+ on the tub, but Isla is 1 and she is quite safe to play with the blocks. She doesn’t create things or build fantastic trains but she happily plays with them and walks around holding the handle shaped blocks.

Noah on the other hand really loves them, he builds trains, he makes lots of lovely towers with all the coloured blocks and he will play with them for hours – which is something to acknowledge as keeping a toddler entertained for any length of time is great.

The building kit comes with 68 blocks and they are all really colourful, the shapes push together with the interlocking design and pull apart quite easily – they are quite stiff to pull apart but it didn’t take Noah long to realise that he just needed to give it a bit more heave ho!





The Letterbox website is really great to navigate around, you can easily filter what you are looking for, or simply search for the latest products in. I love having a look around the website and I think next on my list is the Spinaroos to go with the Stackadoos. The kids love them, so why not! You can add items to the shopping basket and even checkout with PayPal – so it really is a versatile website. I think it’s really funky too, great design and I love the graphics on the website. Take a look and let me know what you think?





The Stackadoos retail at £25.00 from the Letterbox website (product code 19247). To have a look at the fantastic products on the Letterbox website just go to: You can like them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter: @LetterboxUK.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018