Your baby is about to make an entry into the world and you need to start preparing the nursery. You have a room already allocated but do not have an idea of how to start or what to do. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

What do you need to do to make the nursery functional, stylish and a place that your little one will cherish for years to come?

Have everything within arm’s reach.

Make the room very functional. This means that everything should be easily accessible so that the baby is at no point left unattended as you look for something.

Keep the space clutter free to avoid bumping into things in the middle of the night. Ensure you have enough storage so that you can keep things away when they are not in use. The more the child grows, the more they acquire whether in terms of clothes or toys. Have this in mind when you are building the storage.

Ensure there is enough light and shade in equal measure.

 Make sure the room has natural light, consider having a skylight that you can cover so that the child gets the benefit of the sun, but when you need the room to be dark you can draw the shades. Bright light can be beneficial when you are doing sleep training.

Get a nightlight that has multiple functions including allowing you to sleep or changing color patterns to lull your baby to sleep.

Use wipe-able wall paper.

Forget the fancy paint work until the child is older. The grubby hands and the crayon artworks that will be part of the growing phase will mean that the walls will be constantly dirty. Wall paper that you can keep clean with a little soap and water is therefore a great idea.


Get a comfy chair – Mom will need this for breastfeeding while you can both use it to rock the baby to sleep or read to him his favourite bedtime story. There are very good recliner chairs that have rocking and swivel functions that will providing great comfort.

You also need to decide if you want a crib or bed, there are very nice bed designs for children and it will save you the trouble of changing to a bed once he gets older. If you decide to go with the bed, confirm that they have side protectors because this little people move around a lot.

Get a theme for the room

There are many themes you can pick available in the market. Do spend too much on this as they may later decide to do away with your theme and pick their own.

Look for pictures and drawings from family members to add a personal touch to the room. This will also make great material for stories as the children grow older.

The important thing to realise is that the baby does not have any demands about how their room looks at this stage. Do not spend too much money on things that will definitely change later. Just make sure that the room has the correct furniture and is safe for the baby’s use.

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Last Update: Friday, 22nd February 2019