Isla was very lucky to receive a selection of the new Lucky Fortune bracelets from WooWee. They have literally just launched in the UK (as in this month) and I think they are going to be a real hit. Isla loves collectables, with a collectors guide and these are no exception.

I adore these Lucky Fortune cookies, not only does it come with the bracelet but each cookie has its own fortune teller to make. You fold it up and go ahead and ask your questions. Isla loves these. She was super excited to see the collectors guide turn into one.

When you crack open the cookie, there are cute little fortune messages inside. Isla loved hers as, lets be honest, is Isla to a tee! You get a bracelet which is the perfect size for her, it can fit tiny wrists. There are 100 bracelets to collect. Isla loves hers, she got: a bow, a star, a heart and a kiss.

The cookies also double up as a keychain and look super cute as a keepsake to hang from your favourite bag. The bracelets are so pretty. What do you think? Get down to Smyths Toys and grab yourself a collectable now. They are £4.99 each, or you can buy a super cute BFF pack that is £8.99 and comes with 4 bracelets.

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Last Update: Friday, 7th June 2019