Clas Ohlson LogoClas Ohlson are a UK retailer in everything from DIY tools to the cutest kitchen accessories. They have recently employed four ordinary people as their Clas Acts, to share their unique skills with the nation. You can see the collection of videos that they have recorded on the Clas Ohlson Youtube Channel.
I thought these might be great little “to do’s” with the littles ones on some of those cold wintery days, when going outside just doesn’t seem like much fun!

cupcake icingBaking is one of my passions, not that I am particularly brilliant at it mind you, just something I love. Decorating cakes is the most fun and I can’t wait to start doing this with Noah. This video tutorial on how to make your icing have a marble effect is brilliant: YouTube Marble Effect Icing. I love the way that it is such a short video, that shows you how to make the marble effect on a cake. Such a simple idea of squashing the different colours together to get that marble effect and something that Noah will be able to help me with too, which is the main thing! This is definitely something I will try for Isla’s birthday cake, in May.


Firstly this guy has a cool job, prop guy for a production theatre – that must be a very creative role. I love this video which is making a Himelli decoration (out of straws): YouTube Himelli Decoration. This is something that I can make with Noah, but I will definitely be holding the needle and thread. You could make any number of cool things with this idea!

There are a couple more videos that you might enjoy: How to create LED balloon decorations YouTube LED Balloon Decorations. How to revamp old furniture YouTube Revamp Old Furniture. I think they are a brilliant watch and give you some great ideas of what to make on those rainy, dark days.

The Clas Acts are:

Woodwork Whizz

Andrew Nunn: With a passion for books and antiques, Andrew may not seem like your typical handyman. Boasting 30 years of carpentry experience, however, Andrew can offer advice on a plethora of carpentry issues. Never one to shy from a challenge, Andrew would relish the chance to utilise his knowledge and creativity by offering people simple yet innovative tips and tutorials, such as clutter-free shelving solutions and interesting DIY projects.

Queen of Cakes

Angela Slater: The foodie of the team, Angela has a passion for designing and making special celebration cakes, born of years helping in the kitchen as a child. Nurtured by her mum, who mentors and encourages her, Angela now runs her own business ‘Sugar Delights’, and is keen to share her talents with the nation. Vehicle-inspired cakes, especially VWs and LandRovers, are Angela’s speciality.

Trash to Treasure

Chiok Li: Chiok is the king of upcycling, and is available to share his vast knowledge on how to transform seemingly useless objects into practical items. Those strapped for cash or stuck for Christmas gift inspiration should look no further than Chiok for inspirational ideas – and the know-how to implement them.


Guy Scantlebury: Professional actor-cum-handyman, Guy is the go-to man for all general DIY enquiries. Skilled in decorating and carpentry, Guy’s true test in renovation came when he bought and restored his own five bedroom flat in Hackney. Guy is eager to share his vast knowledge and provide tips on anything from weathersealing windows to fitting sinks.

If you have a burning question to ask any of them, then hope along to the Facebook page and ask them yourself: You can follow Clas Ohlson on Twitter too: @ClasOhlsonUK.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 16th January 2013