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My Mum has just got back from a cruise and it reminded me of when we went on our family cruise in the Mediterranean. There are so many aspects to cruises that I hadn’t considered until I conferred with Mum whilst looking over photos. With so many things to think about I thought I would pull some advice together and I hope it helps if you are looking on a family cruise holiday next year. 

The right kids club 

Having kids’ clubs that are suitable for your children, for me, is important. Kids club breaks up the day for them, keeps them out of the heat for long periods and helps them to socialise with new people. It also lets the grownups explore a little of the ship that the children cannot attend – or view one of the fabulous evening events together as a couple. I loved our date nights on board the cruise, it made the holiday feel very special. 

Child-friendly activities 

One of the main differences between our cruise and Mum’s cruise was that the activities seemed to be for older children and adults. So, making sure the excursions are suitable for the age of your children is important otherwise you would not be able to do any of them together. Not all excursions will be suitable for all children, you want a good mixture of adult friendly and child-friendly activities – with most of them being suitable for the children. Otherwise there is a risk of the children not being able to do anything except what is on the ship at hand, or close to port! 

Activities on the ship 

As mentioned above, the activities on the ship are essential. Especially if you are not going on excursions. Having children in a confined area for a great length of time, as any parent will vouch, it is dangerous. The children soon get bored and want to do something different. Even if it’s to see a different part of the ship. A child-friendly ship will have various pools, cinemas, gaming areas, clubs and even a splash park. Our kids loved this when we had days on the ship. 

Destinations en route 

I think making sure the destinations that the ship will stop at is also important. If you want to get off the ship and have some fun with the family, they need to be appropriate. There is no point going to super-hot countries if you want to keep the children out of the sun. Or, no point in going to places like the Norwegian Fjords if your children cannot hike too far. There are many destinations for NCL cruises, for example, and a lot of routes out there that will cater for families.

Do you have any other tips for the perfect family cruise holiday? If so, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. Or check out my fashion tips for a cruiseand see what I took with me. 

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